AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Truth and Freedom Cosmos


Many Social Scientists And Historians wonder, “Who was the First Human And What Type of Person would she/he be?” Good Question . . . The Greatest of All Great Spirits, the Highest Deity, Created the First Human, A Man — A Demi-God. An exemplary Mortal Spirit/Mind within the Body of a Lesser Deity’s Avatar, he would not stay in Heaven forever. Meant to rule the World, he would be sent to Planet Earth with his New Bride to “Love Each Other And Reign Over An Earthly Kingdom.” The plans of the Original Great Spirits, however, were altered.

Super-Hero Action-Adventure/Modern Fantasy, this story takes you first to A Brutally-Acquired Realm, the Realm of the “Seductress” — this Story’s Ultimate Major Villainess. The green-eyed very early-European Blonde, rejected by her husband. He actually-preferred a newer, “better” dark-skinned partner. Instead, the blonde found herself in Hell on Her Husband’s NEW Wedding Day (her plight being the wedding gift to the New Spouse by the Gods). She would not stay in Hell-Fire forever, however (do you read comics) ?! From there, you will go from Hellion Might And Massive, Evil Beasts under her Command to Detroit, MI (MO-Town, the Capital City of this Cosmos, my Home-City.

“DO YOU THINK DETROIT IS REALLY SAFE FROM THE BAD LADY IN GREEN?” (“Why Would You Think That ?!) Originally from New York City during the time of WWII, Anthony Adam Emmanuel found himself taken to her dimension as a — well, sex slave actually. She soon became enamored however, making him a cherished husband. He escaped . . . He will help the heroes and villains form potent adversaries verses her expansion thru Time And Space. You will experience much enjoyment, hopefully, as you finally get to know these Major Players of this Cosmos. “God Bless” And “May the Truth Set you Free” . . .


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