AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Mage: the Ascension

“Yahweh”  &  “Yeshua”  . . .  Shall Return  . . .   





Were-Wolves Owned MO-Town & the entire metro Detroit area . . . Normally staying away from Cities, they instead in this event vanquished every Vampire & Magic-User they could find with their enhanced senses. Something had to Change (!!) A TRUCE, the Vamps & Wizards united for a short time — enough time to destroy the entire Were-Wolf population in this area. The Wolves knew this area was now Off-Limits. (Very Much So.)
“Can you guess correctly which event happened next?”  (“Are you Naïve?”)  Two Sinister Mages betrayed the Others, All the Rest of the Mages.  The Evil Mages seduced a truce out of the Vamps with secrets of Magick no Vampire ever knew before.  The Vampire High Council even offered the two seats on their Council, to control the straggler mages who remained there still.  Virtually-All Magic-Users fled the metro Detroit area, however.  “Guess what happened next?”  The Sabbat.  Even the Slaughterers were Slaughtered.  Survivors fled.
Artifacts & Treasures, the Magic-Users all over the country wanted metro Detroit back under their thumb  —  even if they HAD to Share, damned Vampires.  Finally, help.  “911.”  An Arch-Master Mage, he came.  He rallied a few powerful Wizards & Witches on his side under his banner.  He even got the alliance of another Arch-Master Mage.  The Vamps, some of them anyway, left the area.  Only a chastised few remained.  They would have to be watched.
“All Shall Bow to the Goddess”
Her life began in Japan. Her Parents, Atheist/Agnos — well, Staunch Atheists. She lived with them believing as they did, until time for University. She traveled to another city (NOTE: as yet to be determined). She wanted to become a research scientist. She worked, she went to school, she studied. That was her very exciting life. One day however she was eating lunch under a tree. A strange man approached her. He gave her a locket?   . . .   Yes, a strange man gave her an expensive piece of jewelry. Not going to take it at first, she looked inside. A very beautiful woman with silver-white hair. “As if she was Ororo Monroe.” This woman was Caucasian, however.
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