AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

(Old) World of Darkness

Were-Wolves Owned MO-Town & the entire metro Detroit area . . . Normally staying away from Cities, they instead in this event vanquished every Vampire & Magic-User they could find with their enhanced senses. Something had to Change (!!) A TRUCE, the Vamps & Wizards united for a short time — enough time to destroy the entire Were-Wolf population in this area. The Wolves knew this area was now Off-Limits. (Very Much So.)

“Can you guess correctly which event happened next?”  (“Are you Naïve?”)  Two Sinister Mages betrayed the Others, All the Rest of the Mages.  The Evil Mages seduced a truce out of the Vamps with secrets of Magick no Vampire ever knew before.  The Vampire High Council even offered the two seats on their Council, to control the straggler mages who remained there still.  Virtually-All Magic-Users fled the metro Detroit area, however.  “Guess what happened next?”  The Sabbat.  Even the Slaughterers were Slaughtered.  Survivors fled.
Artifacts & Treasures, Magic-Users all over the Country wanted metro Detroit back.  NOW  (!!)  Finally, Help.  “911.”  An Arch-Master Mage, he came.  He rallied a few powerful Wizards & Witches under his banner.  Even Another Arch-Master Mage, he achieved mighty aides.  The Vamps, quite a few, merely left the area.  Only a chastised few remained.  They would have to be watched.
“All Shall Bow to the Goddess”
Her life began in Japan. Her Parents, Atheist/Agnos — well, Staunch Atheists. She lived with them believing as they did, until time for University. She traveled to another city (NOTE: as yet to be determined). She wanted to become a research scientist. She worked, she went to school, she studied. That was her very exciting life. One day however she was eating lunch under a tree. A strange man approached her. He gave her a locket?   . . .   Yes, a strange man gave her an expensive piece of jewelry. Not going to take it at first, she looked inside. A very beautiful woman with silver-white hair. “As if she was Ororo Monroe.” This woman was Caucasian, however.

She betrayed her faith.  Well, there was good reason.  First in the blood-line there were three.  The King who swallowed the blood of the man/Wizard who swallowed Christ’s blood murdered his Mother (the Royal Queen Mother)  & Aunt, the other two in the first generation of their blood-line.  The last generation before her were all Witches, but the Son had to be killed by his own Mother & her nephew.  (He tried to kill them both.)  Three was a horrifying # in their blood-line.  There was only sup one, maybe two BUT NEVER 3.  God the Father Creator cursed their #3.  Her Mother however, had no powers.  That meant even with Grandparent passing on the powers to  oldest grand-child with few anomalies, she should as Oldest Daughter  . . .


She loved the actual “Craft.”  WITCH-CRAFT.  A little of a rebel she abandoned God & embraced the “Craft” of the Wise Women.  She wa s#2 in an actual Coven and everything.  Not just any old coven/witch either.  She could perform more than psychological/natural effects.  She was a “true Miracle Worker,” the second-strongest Verbena in the city.


One fateful day, her actual Angel appeared before her to reprimand her for following contrary ways.  The Angel Woman  (were not all Xtian angels male-in-appearance?)  said she would appear as her mentor/aide to lead her in the proper direction.  She/he said she would receive her powers after she faced a future evil as the legend states.  Worried she asked when she would face this danger?  NOW  (!!)







The “Queen Mother” always knew she was different.  From the beginning of her fifth-birthday she discovered secretly she could sometimes read her mom’s mind.  Then slowly she discovered she could almost read anyone’s mind & emotions.  Of course, she heard the stories from her Mother of family legends.  She thought them weird and wanted no part of them.  She never wanted to fight monsters or drink blood  — she didn’t have to drink blood did she?  Anyway, the only few she ever told included her older sister.  When her sister turned from Xtainity to become a witch her Mom was horrified.  She  —  did not care.  Gone with your bad self, or good self as the case may be.  She learned a hard lesson too.  Mage/Wizard/Witch life could be dangerous.  Even not a full Mage she was targeted by witch-hunters and all the dangerous foes the fates or Mother Earth could throw at her older sister.  She never wanted this life.  She ended up a mind-reader for  a “Witch-Coven’s hire.”  She did help defend the two Magical Witches, incl. her sister and the High Priestess.  The Witch Coven even accepted her even with her “ambivalent faith to Youknowwho.”


Her son encountered her danger as well to her horror.  (THE LEGENDS OF HER FAMILY WERE TRUE.)  She angrily confronted the now-Anointed who promised he would remember till he was ready.  She “bound” him.  In fact, she covertly-bound the whole family immediate to certain facts too dangerous to know.  There was a nasty split from the coven  —  from most  of the members.


It was friendly form the High Priestess herself.  She even appointed an ally liaison in the Oldest Sister’s now-Godly endeavors.  There was something about the prophecy that the coven maybe could manipulate use to their advantage.  Her son, then a few years later, told her the dreadful news, he was bi-sexual.  Her sister warned her of other prophecy, she was not to over-react.  She did not over-react.  (Yes, she did.)  She married that stupid backslidden hateful preacher.  It caused her son to leave home.  For two years they never heard from him.  Nothing, non-communication.  Finally an unaddressed envelope he sent the family a Xmas Card & his Mom a Birthday Card & then friendship cards to his aunts.  All of them un returnable.  He met a Man Cop working in a police station, they would be “Married”  soon.






(A Now)  Kind-Hearted, Prodigal Returned Home


(the)  1st Anointed, the Middle (3rd Generation)



Virtue/Demeanor:  “Honesty/Child”

Vice/Nature:  “Lust/Dictatorship”

Avatar’s Essence:  “Dynamic”

Tradition/Craft:  Orphan/”Wonder Xtian”  (“Super Saint”)


Mental  (7)

Social  (5)

Physical  (3)

—  Perception  (4)  (“Intuitive”)

—  Intelligence  (3)

—  Strength  (2)

—  Charisma  (3)


Talent  (13)

Knowledge  (9)

Skill (5)

—  Leadership  =  1

—  Awareness  =  3

—  Empathy  =  3

—  Meditation  =  2

—  Occult  =  3


Avatar  (3)

Resources  (1)

Node  (1)


Arete  (1)

Willpower  (5)

Quintessence  (3)


As mentioned within his character sheet, he was the first of the Anointed from the age of 8-years-old.  Further explanation:  the Eldest Sister/his Oldest Aunt Nearly-Awakened as a Monster Demonic attacked her with intent of dinner.  For the worse it seemed to him at first, he walked in at the crucial moment of satisfaction of its appetite.  A Cultist armed aided the Materialized Demon & shot three bullets at the boy, 8-never-to-become-9.    Then the miracle of Awakening  — he froze, the bullets.  In mid-air.  His Anointing surfaced.  “The Prophecy,” she screamed.  It only took a little miracle to scare he bejesus out the aggressors and they fled the scene.  The Aunt fell to the ground.  Confused, but kinda brave, he ran to his aunt nd soon quickly called “911.”  The Aunt could not fend off the attacker but she was a Magical Witch.  She altered/erased his memories.  Now was not the time.


Eight years passed.   He grew up smart, resourceful, strong faith  —  bi-sexual.  His Mom freaked out  911  (!!)  She knew of the prophecy.  (He was oldest of the 3rd generation.)  “Would he get his powers back/deserve them if he was bi-sexual?”  At any rate, the then single, her husband died years before (the Son’s father), she married reluctantly a preacher.  This man would be a male role-model.  Her son, the Anointed would not be gay/bi.  It did not work out as planned.  The Son Anointed hated his step-father & quite frankly vice versa.  One time, the step-father even pu tth eyoung man in the hospital.  The young teen rned scared of him.  The last straw happened one day at dinner.  The step-dad tried to strike him when while the Mom watche don when  —  the unthinkable happened, he fought back.


Somehow the fight ended up outside & the son was near the side-walk.  He screamed to them both that he was I’m-perfect, a sinner, hell-bound but one thing he would not be a victim.  He WOULD NOT LET ANY MAN BEAT HIM.  As the step-father yelled on telling him ot get out.  He merely  —  left  —  for another city.



God the Father Creator  (“Yahweh”)  is Real.



Even in a Dark World, there is a Salvation.  Jesus Christ  (“Yeshua,” aka “Emmanuel”)  HAD to DIE  (!!)  Many Men, Secular & Various Spiritualty, believe Many Women & Men to be the Greatest Human who ever lived.  Jesus Christ, regardless of who Various People believe that person to be, should/has-to-be believed as the greatest Agent of Change among “Men” that ever lived.  The World would never be the same as it is now if not for Jesus/Yeshua.  Every major good (bad/neutral) event in history, especially the “West,” can be linked to Jesus Christ (as before-mentioned for good, ill OR in-between).  God the Father Creator & God the Son Glory/Mercy glanced at the Earth, one day in particular.  They loved what they created, but they noticed sin  —  everywhere.  Murder, Lies, Sloth/Laziness, Bitchiness, Murmuring, Rape & Sexual Assault alongside Child Neglect rampart on that said beautiful Earth.  God the Father/Son hated SIN in all forms.  They loved all Men & Women in all forms.  They felt sorry that so many of those beloved Men & Women went to Hell.  So few actually on their way yo meet him in Heaven.  They wished/desired All SIN to End throughout all time/space & matter.  Satan, as he is known NOW, used to be the Highest, Most Beautiful-Glowing  —  Lucifer.  Satan caused his pride to lead to Rebellion which caused 1/3 of his beloved Angelic Hosts to turn-coat to join him.  Yes, a War started in HEAVEN  (!!)  If not for Lucifer, there would  —  BE NO SIN.  They fore-saw & hind-saw this important fact.  Jesus, then God, looked at the world and they decided to do something no Xtian thought they could do  —  they changed their minds (!!)



A Gamble  (!!)  “Jesus and God (the Father Creator)”  knew the only way they could re-create the Earth would be, A Gamble.  Here is how it would go.  God the Father would use Jesus’ blood to create a Holy Blood-Line.  One, or Two (never 3), “MAGES”  —  Christian Mages  —  would be produced from the beginning of this blood-line.  Each generation would produce one or two of these Xtian Wizards to fight the Manifestations of Lucifer on Earth.  One generation however, no Mages would be produced.  The next generation however, would produce three  —  one from the next three generations (each  of three generations after).  These three would be uniquely-anointed:  they would have powers no “Mage,” true or counterfeit would ever have.  They would face dangers from Hell, none any other Mage would be able to handle.  Their powers would grow with each victory.  One day/one battle, they will face Satan himself.  That day they would use grown-up powers to destroy him.  Throughout all space & time he would be eliminated.  No War (Heaven or Earth) would eve be fought again.  The World would have “A New World Order.”



The time has come  —  & went.  The Oldest  of the three (the Oldest Sister/Daughter of the powerless “Granny”) has been recently-killed/murdered.  Maybe the legend only a fairy-tale, not one of the “Anointed” truly-worried of her demise, beyond losing a beloved family member, of course.  Of course, guess what  (?!)  Something happed that was not supposed to happen.  The Second-Oldest Sister gained her own powers.  A surprise of the Legend & blood-line, a “Wonder Xtian” (a lesser Mage) told them of their importance to God’s New World Order & Lucifer defeat, possibly.  The “Super Saints,” the only three so-far, the elite faction of “Wonder Xtians”  —  automatic leaders of their group (“Craft”)  —  they would need to secure the HQ of the Factions under them now.  It is a “Haunted House.”  The team of three would need to prepare for eventually they would need to “break-in” the abandoned house, from all but “the Hellions of Hell.”  They needed to prepare to win the place back.  Two years after facing minor/mild danger they now supposedly ready.  Will they survive “their Family’s Personal Demi-Demon?”





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