AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Earth 1.1




I Dedicate this Story to A Human Being (actually) . . . My Mother, Dianne Turnage. One of the most physically-beautiful Women I know, she is also THE MOST Beautiful I know from inside-out. Fiery, Stubborn, Proud, Gentle, Humble, A Devoted Child of the Lord. I Hope She reads this Eventually & Knows I will love her in Christ from now till Dooms-Day & Beyond. You Deserve All of Your Blessings. Mutancy. Many now think it comes from Birth like cartoons of recent past.



Mutancy. Many now think it comes from Birth like cartoons of recent past.



Whispers in His Ear

“Alfonso Jermaine,” always a comics/cartoon fan, created his first Super-Hero Team at the age of four-years. He devised the name: “Heroic Heroes.” The leader received the name, “Invisible Genius,” after a few years as the “Invisible Boy.” The second-in-command burst into the story as “Yellow Girl,” a warrior princess with Super-Strength. The third-in-command named “Sword,” he possessed hands that could burn through steel & a psi-bolt that knock even solid telepaths unconscious. In theory anyway, he could barely control his psi-power. The four rank-and-file members: “Spider Boy,” “Acrobat Girl,” “Insect Boy” & “Shield,” the baby sister of “Sword.” The “Invisible Boy,” truly the first member of the Young “Heroes,” he existed as a solo hero for several adventures. A Genius very much so, he inherited Super-Hero abilities through genetic-engineering. Many people used illegal genetic procedures to gain powers in that world, but more on that later. “Acrobat Girl,” who he met earlier on a team-up adventure, joined him to create a duo. She, a highly-skilled young Olympic-Hopeful Gymnast. She carried an electric-baton that could convert into a Quarter-Staff and used it as both a Javelin & Pole Vaulting-tool. They, a highly effective duo, they attracted the attention of the next new duo, “Spider Boy” & “Insect Boy.” They met officially at a press conference becoming a Quartet soon after. This being the longest-living pre-Heroic team, all four were defeated and heavily-humiliated in a fight with a Powerful new Villainess. “Yellow Girl” arrived on the Planet Earth she followed a defeated Tyrant from her planet that would have caused much trouble for Earth as her own home-world. She learned of how the “Incredible Four” had been defeated by a female that had ended up linking with the Tyrant once he was close to her new assumed home. (Her Space-Plane broke down.) She assumed the presence of four others that could at least try to temporarily replace the “Incredible Four.” (They had been so-labeled by the Media.) This Quintet helped defeat the Tyrant, she had to settle for a specially-designed Human Prison & even more importantly convinced the “Incredible Four” to reestablish themselves, with “Yellow Girl” as the “Incredible Five.” After a Space Mission to save Earth yet again, the “Sword” & “Shield” siblings joined to form the seven members of the “Heroic Heroes.” An Original-esque equivalent of the “JLA” meets “Teen Titans.”

Back-Story: the Enhanced

Many diseases, illnesses and ailments plague humankind. HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Heart Troubles, Respiratory Issues, Chicken Pox, Shingles, etc. Some of the worse diseases ever encountered by Men, doctors of current-day/present-tense exist to heal the wounds and such ailments of their patients. That wasn’t always the case; however, a time in the past meant meeting a healer using Superstition: herbs & potions & lotions. Some were used well & others, just for show. Other techniques were . . . More horrifying. Ever since decades ago when doctors learned to wash their hands before dealing with new patients, Science advanced Medicine to healthy practice, never looking back since. Recently, Male & Female Scientists even discovered Otherworldly techniques to cure disease and illnesses. These methods were called “Genetic-Manipulation.” Miraculously, Medical Scientists leaped forward swiftly in learning the nature of DNA & Genetics within Humans and Animals. If they so desired, doctors could make certain beings smarter/stronger/faster/more intelligent & with better memory capacity. More importantly, Medical Personnel learned how to use Manipulative Techniques to grow special gene-antibodies that could uniquely-attack blindness or heart troubles or HIV/AIDS or Cancer or even the Common Cold. Every Genetic Surgery couldn’t be performed on just anyone, however. Each Surgery had to be specially-designed, for safety’s sake, to exact individuals or injury/death could occur. Such Surgery at first too in the beginning, very expensive. Three-to-Five, tens of, Millions of dollars ended up being very common. Many beings that could afford it though, very skeptical. The death rate, above and beyond surgical-injury, was 25-to-40%. Many a doctor, some out of altruism, others out of a sense of glory, took “pro bono” cases to publicize themselves. Those successes, obviously meant to make the ones who could actually pay, feel at ease. Hundreds of Citizens across the World had been cured with these life-changing methods, until the floor fell from under everyone . . . One study would research the effects of said surgery on Gay/Bi-Sexual Males, across the board — all races, classes, ages, nationalities. For worse, it turned out 17.5% of all such males who underwent such procedures developed Moderate-to-High levels of Criminal Insanity, usually not curable. Homo/bi-sexual “Buffalo Bills” (or worse, “Hannibal Lecters”) turned out to be committing crimes all over the place. Not the worse, there was even more bad news. “Spontaneous Mutations” occurred in many of said cases. 40% (approx.) of said individuals developed Super Human-esque abilities, from super-strength to hyper-speed to cat-like agility/reflexes to flight to laser beams from eyes to diamond-hard skin. (The Criminally-Insane were more likely to develop Super-Human Prowess.) These finding obviously horrifying, they looked at other sexual orientations and the opposite gender. GBT Men the most likely to possess such stats while lesbians, transgendered women, the least likely — all groups of those who underwent genetic-engineering treatments developed still alarming (though varying) amounts of derangement & super-human stats. All these and more could have erupted in these “Cursed” beings. They could have been a benefit to society if they were not so destructive. Remember, Criminal-Insanity. Some of the Level Ones (Twos) held massive powers and little morals. An elementary school got blown up, a hospital set on fire, the Vice-President violently-landed into coma, a one-man army raped 93 women — at the same time!! You get the picture. The public demanded safety in their fear . . . the Public should have known better. They remembered the McCarthy Act & the way Asian Americans were treated around/after WWII. They remembered the perils blacks went through to gain their freedom, which some say they are still trying to get. They didn’t care as a whole. They wanted to be safe and they wanted it now! The President and Congress signed into law the rebuilding of Alcatraz near San Francisco, California. This would become the new home, the only hope, of even Level Zero/5th-degree Mutants as the genetically-engineered began to be called. People were rounded up as medical records were searched and destroyed and retrieved and shredded by various forces trying to hide and find them. Chaos ensued for several months into a new year. Many had undergo these procedures, most without any powers springing up. Some with powers who didn’t want to go stood their ground, it was a hot mess (!!) Many forces would spring up out the same wood-work saying they knew the right way to handle the Mutie problem. One such man called himself, covertly, the “Devil.” And yes, he did offer a way out — it you could call it that.


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