AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Heaven And Flame Cosmos

I Dedicate the Story to “Yahweh, God the Father Creator”  . . . 

Deity: Heaven & Flame – An Introduction

Once Before Time  . . .  the Reality Wars, the Battle over Existence, began with Deity himself.  First, as far as Humanity knows, Life began with “Uranus & Gaea.”  A Peaceful Existence, love oozed all through Sol III’s “Spiritual Pores.”  Elementals & Virtues of the Cosmos, centered here with Man, lived their lives with a Bliss not to be known forever ever again.
“In the Beginning, God Created the Heaven & the Earth . . .  ”    Genesis:  Chapter One, Verse 1 (KJV)
“The Earth was without Form, Void; darkness on the Face of the Deep, God the Father moved on the Face of the Waters.”    Genesis:  Chapter One, Verse 2 (RSV)
“God the Father said, ‘Let there be Light.’  There was Light, God saw that it was good, pleasing & useful.  He affirmed and sustained it, separating that Light from the Darkness.”    Genesis:  Chapter One, Verse 3 (AMP)
A Void.  Yahweh, the Father Creator God of the Judeo-Christian Faith, considered the “Peaceful Existence” nothing more than  –  Nothing.  He erased that existence, the Cosmos he wiped clean.  He began a New Creation with his Powerful Word.  Now  . . . the Phoenix desires to re-make his Highest Realm of Existence.






Chaos  . . .  the 1st, largest (Pagan) Deity ever.  He wants to return.



An argument, “Halo’s” Back-Story materialized from the womb (mouth) of his Mother . . . and Father.  He lived in a basement, his Parents’ — yes, he was 29-years-old.  Well, actually 30-years-old, his birthday on this year’s calendar, the very next day.  He loved Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, DC Comics & even Power Rangers (that’s probably not relevant).  Very relevant, he likes boys (men).  He also loves the Lord (Jesus Christ).  He is simply fat, (actually relevant) it kept him out the Navy (a very capable potential recruit).  He liked a lot of things/events/people in his life-time, it made him seem indecisive.  His Parents, especially his Father, mentioned (with severe insults) this fact often.  The insults intensified when his staunch atheist/agnostic Father realized he met quite a several meetings with two LDS Mormon Missionaries.  (No, he did not hit on them.)  He actually began to appreciate the “Message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints.”  He came closer and closer to his Baptismal Date to officially enter the Church, Branch.  His Father found out his further indecision.  “Did they know he was a fruit who lived in his (Dad’s) Basement?”  (Actually they did, they mentioned the Church’s Stance of Self-Reliance.)  Of course his Mother joined in at that moment.  She, a devout Protestant, angrily mentioned his past indecisions & if he still devout to the Protestant Christian faith.  Did he even believe in God the Father Creator anymore?  Did some Man entice him out the faith?  Was he doing “Missionary” with the “Missionaries?”  He couldn’t take it anymore.



He didn’t drive, well no one trusted his driving.  (Self-Reliance ?!)  He took the bus & a long walk to a park, one of his favorite in the city of MO-Town — Detroit, Michigan.  Lots of birds flew over the skies over the Park.  Lots of trees for them to play in, they and the squirrels.  He fed the birds, he had enough not-parents’ money to buy some bread crumbs.  Tranquility, he thought of many plans for the future (yes, he had those) on a particular bench, his favorite by his favorite tree spot.  He sat thinking of ways to move out of his house in his own apartment (a job would be nice) when a Frisbee landed in front of his bench.



He swiftly bent over to pick it up wondering which game-player accidently-threw it over here.  He did not see anybody.  Suddenly out the corner of his vision, an injured bird.  No stuffed animal, a snuffed bird which happened to be walking.  Weird.  He did not smoke any weed today.  (No he was not a druggie, slothful but not a weed-head.)  Some cotton stuffing had been ripped out the rip on the bird’s right-wing side.  Its left-wing had even been ripped off partially.  His Mother threw his beloved stuffed animal collection in the trash after their last argument.  He felt sorry for this, walking, toy.  “Who did this to you?”



“The Undead Children,” the bird answered.  Weirder.  “The Child Killer is molesting children.  He is burying their dead bodies in the woods, but some of them are angry & restless.  They are crawling up from the dirt and eating the forest animals in the Enchanted Woods.  The Arch-Angel of the North says he needs a Champion to protect the potential passer-by Victims & save the future.”



“The Child Killer, is that the same figure that leaves his calling card after the fact with the Parents of their Victims?”  Why was he talking to this toy bird?  “Everyone is metro Detroit knew of his calling cards, fingers of the children he kidnapped.  Most were never seen again, alive.  Undead children, are they the ones that ate several victims all over this park.”  He picked quite a place to relax.



Anger, rare in the Man-Girl — he actually had quite a temper in elementary/middle school.  Known as the Protector of the Play-Yard.  He hated bullies and he was more in fighting shape as a youngster.  Armed with a then-alive boxer Grand-Father, he never tolerated victimization.  The bullies bullied, he changed a lot in Xtain High School.  He needed to tell the police, crazy as this sounds, this “Child Killer” had to be stopped.  “Tell me more little bird, something to help the cops catch this monster.”



“AAAGH !!”  “Help me, this strange man is trying to rape me!”



“Oh my Jesus Christ.  Police, Police, a Child Killer in the woods !!”



“They cannot hear you.  No one can.  He is an Evil Warlock; he has used the Mysterious Powers of the Enchanted Woods to block anyone from helping the Children.  You are one of the few who is immune, that is why the Arch-Angel has chosen you as a potential Champion.  Your choice:  you can ignore the voice of the boy in trouble OR you can try armed with the Frisbee to defeat the Killing Monster.  One last note however, the boy is the son of an Elder in the Church.  The LDS Mormon Church.”



“Will anyone help me, please?”



He looked around, “will anyone help the boy and the Future?  “I will help him.”



“Then run into the Enchanted Woods, NOW !!”  He kept his hands on the trusty Frisbee Weapon and ran behind the bench into the Woods.  The time of day, around a sunny three in the afternoon, the Enchanted Woods quickly turned to Midnight Darkness.  He marched for five minutes bravely into the darkness.  No problem.  He courageously felt brave taking on such a mission, he felt puffed up.  No Vampire Slayer needed to defeat this monster.  The boy would be rescued by this Man-Girl.  Suddenly . . . hands popped out the dirt.  Suddenly undead children pooped out the dirt.



“It is the adult’s fault we were molested and killed,” a

boy and girl who had seen better youthful, living days angrily ran towards him.  He did the brave thing for such a hero to — he screamed like a ten-year-old princess fairy.  They easily caught up to him and tried to take the Frisbee.



“No,” he yelled.  “I need this.”  He slapped one of the children.  Then it all came back.  The anti-bully.  He released fists, weapons, of steel whoop-ass.  “I am sorry you died & I may be a loser who lives in my Mom’s basement, but you will not stop me this day.”  He fought like a wild animal.  He knocked the young girl undead into tears.  He swiftly kicked the boy undead to the ground.  The undead girl continued to cry.  The boy of more sturdy innards, half hanging out his body, jumped up to scratch his left hand’s palm.



“Soon Mister Basement, you will be one of us.”  He smiled, the smart-ass.  Defiantly he clocked the formerly-living young man to the ground, hard.  Then small animals, stuffed & real ones (a united front) appeared quickly and fought off the undead two.



“Run, Mister Hero, we can hold them off.”  Ran, he did indeed.  He ran for three minutes at top speed.  He looked at his hand.  He was already turning.  Well, he hoped undead went to Heaven.  He heard of the Celestial Kingdom from the Missionaries.



“Fear not!”  An Angelic Figure, dark-skinned with Wings of silver-ivory feathers, flew towards him with a smile on his face.  He barely wore any clothes, a loin-cloth and short high-cut skirt, looking very familiar almost similar.  Could you have sex with your twin?  (He tried not to watch those films, oh well.)  He told him to reach his hand forward.  The Angel laid his own hand on the undead womb.  Instantly he had no such womb.  “You will survive.”  With that he flew off to fade from view.  Too Bad.  He was cute — And he could have used help saving the boy.  Oh well.



He picked up his pace.  He quit once he reached a hole in the ground that looked like a grave.  He stared at the tome-stone.  It for some reason held hypnotic power his eyes.  It displayed a name of who might be in the grave.  His Father!  Oh my Jesus Christ.  “I told you, you will dead before you get your ass a job — Tonight actually.”  His Father laughed, sneering an evil sense of humor.  “This is what I get for listening to your Mother.”



Not a time to hug the dead relative, he ran for his life-on-Earth.  This zombie was fast, Father ran track, he tried screaming the Angel back.  It didn’t work so he gave up.  He had to stop running.  He ran into a tree-less area in the Enchanted Woods.  Shaped as a large circle, he inhaled/exhaled heavily hoping probably fruitlessly for undead runners to need a second wind.  Yes, fruitless, his Father sneered still catching up.  The Angel!  “Shine the Moon-Light on your Father’s face.”  Weird.  (What was not weird about this situation?)  He obeyed.  The light grew to blinding levels so he closed his eyes.  When able to open his eyes, his Father held a sad expression.



“I always loved you.”



“I know,” the son answered.  The Father threw his son a hand-gun, then he faded from view.  Into view, more undead children, two young boys this time.  He twirled towards the two & shot them — in their fore-head, right between the eyes.  His Father taught him something he actually paid attention to.  He marched forward again, armed with magical-replenishing bullets.  Suddenly, he heard the boy screaming again, about 60 feet in another direction.  He pushed apart the branches.



His ex-boyfriend?!  A hefty, white male around 40-something with dark-colored balding curly-hair, grabbed a young boy.  The “ex” didn’t have any pants on.  The “ex” held a short sword blade.  “I thought your Father would have finished you off.”



“Let the boy go.”  Not the time to get distracted.  He pushed his hand-gun into the air.  Bamm!  Or not, he ran out of bullets.



Small animals, real-blooded squirrels & toy-stuffed birds and bunnies, slowly surrounded the bullet-less gunman.  “You must now use your Angelic Weapon,” a toy bunny announced telepathically.  The Frisbee.



“You know I never liked your Dad.  He kept us apart.”



“What kept us apart was constant cheating.”

“That too.”  He threw the boy to the ground.  “I am going to enjoy my ex.”

“Your ex is still alive & hard to kill, especially a coward I always had to defend . . . from my Father, my Mother, the gay-bashers, the Christians down the Hall, the whole damn World.”



“Kill him, kill him, throw the Frisbee,” the small animals all whispered into his ear.



“Manipulation, my dear,” he sneered with pure evil more than his Dad.  “I enjoy watching all the chaos I caused in your family as I fucked your sweet behind.”  He cut the boy’s arm.  The boy screamed out.  The Man-Girl took a step forward.  “Uh, no uh.”  He swiftly-yanked the short sword towards the boy’s throat.  “I can kill the boy any time I want.  You are going to watch him die.  Then I am going to fuck your sweet ass again.  One last good, bad time.  Then I am going to kill you and leave your undead man-girl ass to kill passer-bys near your favorite bench.  Got to love irony.”



“I would not count me out yet.  I can be a bitch myself, when threatened.  All who messed with you found that out.”



“Kill him, kill him now,” the birds and bunnies whispered in hi sear some more.  “Throw the Frisbee.”



“You are such a loser.”  The Man-Girl taunted.



“I thought that would be you, Mister Basement.”



“Oh I do live in a basement & you lived in a nice two-bedroom apartment, but look at yourself.  You are not the Mastermind.  You were merely a victim — of your Father’s neglect.”  The “Child Killer” frowned.  “Your Father molested all your siblings, but you.  You tried to protect them, but failed.  Then one day you found yourself bullied by other children & taunted by the very siblings you wanted to protect.  Your Father told you he loved all the siblings, but you.  You felt unloved & before-mentioned, neglected.  You offered Your Father the only thing you could — Yourself.  He rejected you & neglect turned to physical abuse.”



“How would you know this?”



“My Mother hired a private investigation to try to convince me not to go with you.  She didn’t really have to.  You had a wandering eye, Mister Rolling Stone.  Anyway then, it just made me fall in love with you more.  I felt I needed to protect you, Mister Cowardly Lion.  You are obviously trying to get revenge on all who hurt you by attacking their children, Mister Magic-User.  Sad, such a dangerous figure actually a pathetic loser without the courage to face those who hurt him directly, Mister Creature of Nightmares.  I bet if you even tried to hurt me with that weapon I would hurt you faster than you in love, Mister Minute Man.  Sorry, did I insult you?!”  Mister Swordsman grew angrier every second.  “This is the part when the insulted person comes back to win the day, Mister Take Your Cue.”



“Aargh!”  The Child Killer completely forgot the boy & ran at his ex.



“Kill him, kill him now!” all the animals screamed louder and louder in unison.  “NOW!”  He threw the Frisbee, he actually won several Frisbee tournaments ironically.  The toy, more dangerous than looks, changed mid-air.  It became a Chakra of Metallic, Angelic metal.  It became a lethal, round discus that could cut diamond like butter.  It should serve as a small shield of great density, but now it was all weapon.  It slashed the “Child Killer’s” neck in two, a nasty gash right in his front.  Nearly-decapitated, his corpse fell to the ground.  The boy he almost killed, that he actually slashed on the arm, jumped in the air in victory.



“You saved me & brought peace to the world.”  He ran to collect the hand of his rescuer to lead him a little further into the Dark Enchanted Woods.  “This is it.  You will see the Arch-Angel of the North. Dig here.”  The boy pointed to a shovel.  “Okay.”



A little work-out only, he soon reached a treasure box.  He quickly opened the prize.  Bronze tablets inside, he lifted then gingerly out the jeweled, wooden box.  Suddenly, an Angel-Angel appeared slowly but surely coming into view.  “See, I told you,” the excited boy squealed.  He jumped around happy-go-lucky.



“I am Auriel, Arch-Angel of the North Corner of the World.  I led you here.  I led the boy here first however, and the Child Killer found him unfortunately.  These bronze tablets are important to the World & Peace on Earth.  They are so important I cannot let them out to the Real World.  You have a good memory, near-photographic.  I need you to read these bronze tablets & write about them.  Take the boy as a witness.  Let the World know the truth which shall set them free.”  He looked at the boy who nodded this was a true Angelic Vision.  The sky suddenly returned to three-in-the-afternoon sun.  This was definitely a weird day.


“Labels” . . .



Once upon, in a Realm of the Mythic Past, a battle

ignited between the Natural Magic of the Fairies and the Unholy Power of the Witches.  Rumors ran about of an alliance gone wrong when a Fae Princess killed by a Witch Boy beloved.  At any rate, much Mystical Lifeblood spilt in these battles over eons into the closer-to-present humans eventually learned of some of these struggles.  By now, only though as legend.  The Protagonists, Good Faeries, & the Antagonists, the Wicked Witches, had already been labeled.



“the Power Kids’ 1st Battle”


“We won’t let you destroy our — this school,” scolded “Seraphim.”  “We won’t let you wreck this day.”  This day, the celebration of the success of their Candy/Potato-Chip Sale, would save the Music/Art classes at Damon J. Keith Elementary/Middle School.  “Seraphim?”  The leader of four young super-hero half-siblings, in his later pre-teen years, he wore a mostly-blue costume with navy purple “PK” blazing on the front top.  Their Symbol suggested they should be called “Power Kids.”



“What ultimately were the ‘Power Kids’ trying to

defend?”  An empty room . . .  Well, it was empty for a long time.  It stood lonely for a couple years as the Music Room for Damon J. Keith Elementary/Middle School.  Now, with the great success of potato chips & candy going to families and even strangers who supported music education, the children now had a room full of musical instruments.  Painted a light & mild tan, there were for example ten violins, three saxophones, trumpets, three sets of drums, four guitars, etc.  The Principal, who was beloved by the “Power Kids” secret ids, felt VERY proud of her new educational progress.  The art room was better than bare bones in the beginning, but was in the process of getting a 10% renovation.  It was even being adjusted to add another room to its already medium size.



“Oh look, Super Babies,” the “Wicked Witch” sneered like a Super-Villainess cliché wearing the black dress & conical hat of the stereotypical Witch from Lore.  Where did she come from?  “All their new education progress, of course including the other students, was on “the line.”  “THIS LINE WOULD BE DRAWN HERE !!”



“Mind Mover.”   “Seraphim” called him into an Action.  The so-codenamed 8-year-old middle boy, 3rd-Oldest Child, put his right hand to his fore-head & focused on the Evil Witch.  The reluctant hero, wearing a black-with-white letters version of the “PK” costume, suddenly repelled her with an invisible energy push.  She ended up on her behind, on the side-walk.  She didn’t sneer any more.  She used motion power of her own to reach her feet again.



“Two can play at that game,” Another cliché.  Something original however, a black crow of midnight landed suddenly on her right shoulder.  She swiftly perched it on her finger then threw it at them.  It turned into a jet black metallic javelin mid-flight.  Thank God for “Mind Mover.”   He deflected the spear with psycho-kinesis.  The 7-year-old third boy, the youngest of the four, code-named “Flamethrower,” produced a fireball in his right hand.  Wearing a red-with-yellow letters “PK” suit, he threw it at the Caucasian Wicked “Black Magic” Woman.  She swiftly used fast spell-casting to reduce the potency of the energy ball before it hit her.  She still distracted, Seraphim used quickened running speed to speed in front of her and use enhanced muscle-power to smack her in the belly.  She projected her own Magical Energy, smog and stone, at his heart.  Not enough to hurt him, he could also absorb most energy attacks.



“Enough kid games!” she screamed.  She erupted from within, a massive magic field that aggressively knocked the three boys back off their feet and away from her.  They had obviously seen better moments.  They could barely function but needed to shrug off pain.  The second-oldest child, the girl of the four, not affected, the “Wicked Witch” smiled at her.  “There is enough sweet death to go around.”  She tossed her most lethal attack yet.  The attack could do nothing but irradiate the lass, ironically named “Ghost Girl.”  She had been wearing a pink-with-royal blue letters “PK,” pink mini-skirted, costume.



“Sis—Ghost!”   “Flamethrower” yelled.  The two were direct sister/brother even with only being half-siblings to the other two.  “You Dirty Bitch, you Harlot!  You deserve to die as my sister did.  Burn, Witch, burn!”  He ran as fast as he could throw multiple fireballs at the potentially-in-trouble lady.  She received nothing that would permanently stop her, but indeed stopped she was by burns.



“Brother,” “Ghost Girl, Hooray (!) She was alive,” reappeared out of the aeither.  “I can turn invisible and phase thru physical attacks, remember.”  He hugged her furiously.  “I love you, too,” she smiled.  Suddenly he snapped out of it.



“None of that mushy stuff.”  He smiled tapping her on the back.  “We have a Magic-User to defeat.”



“How arrogant youth are today.”  Apparently, she was now over her burns.  She slowly revealed a small pocket mirror.  She waved her left hand over the reflective glass.  “Disease.”  Immediately the “Power Kids” fell to the ground either grabbing their heads or holding their bellies — or worse, both.  Slowly being killed by this actually-powerful Magic-User, “Seraphim,” only 12-years-old still possessed a keen iron will.  He managed to pick up a rock, throwing it at her distracting her.



“Mind Mover.”  His disease let up a little.  He fired a low-powered force beam, hopefully strong enough.  “Ghost Girl” took it upon herself to phase underground.  Seconds later, she reappeared behind the Witch and phased thru her.  She partially-phased now to remain intangible in her, but grab the mirror thru her the way she came.  “Ghost Girl” threw it in the air.



“Flamethrower.”  The boy from her call realized he need to — Burn!  The Mirror was destroyed.



“No!  That was an irreplaceable object of power!” the “Wicked Witch” screamed.  “Flamethrower” also had self-initiative separate from “Seraphim’s” leadership.  He threw a mighty full-powered flaming weapon of heat at the Witchy Woman.



She evaporated in screaming pain.  “I am a Witch Healer.  I will return.”



There were others at the School Success Celebration.  These innocent by-standers rightly cowering at the thought this former Magic-Using Female would destroy them and the school.  They ran up to the “Power Kids” putting them on their shoulders.  “Hooray for the Young Heroes!   Thank God for the Kids of Power.”



“There are Certain Things I Do Not Want You to Know . . .  Like My Name — That is Not Relevant Yet.  Let Me Just Invoke, Well, the truth . . .  My Identity Would Truly Only Confuse You.  At Any Rate, there are Certain Things That You Must Know, namely Where I Came from.  I Come from A Parallel World, Yes Indeed (!!) Where Specifically Did I Come from in That Particular World.  I Came from Hell.  You See, I killed My Mentor.  I Killed My Mother.  My Father Died in Grief.  I Killed Thousands of People and Enslaved Millions.  You Should Know Such Acts Are Actually Sins.  I was a Bad Boy & Hell is the Final Spot Where Bad Little Boys End Up.  The Devil of Devils from That World, however, Known Everywhere as Satan — He Discovered Something “the Devil” was NOT Supposed to Know.  He Learned How to Send Hellions Backwards into Other Worlds & Realms.  For Obvious Reasons, He freed me — Somehow & Sent ME Back into “Yahweh’s Top Realm” no less.  “Yahweh, God the Father Creator,” He Will Consider This Act an Invasion.”






“In the Beginning, God Created the Heaven & the Earth . . .  ”

Genesis:  Chapter One, Verse 1 (KJV)



“The Earth was without Form, Void; darkness on the Face of the Deep, God the Father moved on the Face of the Waters.”

Genesis:  Chapter One, Verse 2 (RSV)



“God the Father said, ‘Let there be Light.’  There was Light, God saw that it was good, pleasing & useful.  He affirmed and sustained it, separating that Light from the Darkness.

Genesis:  Chapter One, Verse 3 (AMP)



“Before anything else existed, Jesus Christ — with God the Father.  He has always been alive, he himself Is God.  He, the Word, created everything there is, without him nothing would have been made.  His life is the light that shines through the darkness, that darkness cannot extinguish it.”

The Gospel According to Saint Jonathon:  Chapter One, Verses 1-3, 5 (TLB)



“Surely, I am coming quickly.  Amen.  Even so, Come Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God.  The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.  Amen.”

The Revelation of Jesus Christ According to Saint Jonathan:  Chapter Twenty-Two, Verse 20B & 21 (NKJV)



“Something Wicked this Way Comes . . .  Boy, it Should Taste Delicious”







Our Universe . . . Scientists estimate its age as

13.8 billion years-old.  Many New Agers state this event to actually be the most important Spiritual Awakening of Universal Consciousness & Uber-Sentient Will.  God the Father Creator created the Earth 6,000 approximate years ago.  Mother Earth (Gaea), one of the Oldest Pagan Goddesses of One of Earth’s most advanced Ancient Cultures, began all Existence with the Gigantic Titans.  God the Triune exists eternally, beyond all time & space.  The oldest, observed Human Cultures actually began as Matriarchies.  The Father Creator, Yahweh, established Adam as the first head of the household, protector of the family.  The first evils entered the world because of one Pandora’s Curiosity.  Sin entered the world because of one Eve’s Naivety.  Modern-Day Pagans believe the light and dark-sides of the Goddess are both to be worshipped and revered.  In Modern-Day Christianity, most Xtians believe God the Triune is all-light and that there is no darkness in him.



Deity . . . A State of Ascension which should merely &

honestly exist as it is — within it/him/her-self, at peace.  Deity, however, has been at War within from the “beginning.”  The Most Troubling Sign of War came when Yahweh, the Father Creator, CREATED over the work of the “Old Ones,” as if their Realm — merely a Void.  The “Old Ones” had to retreat to a lower plane, or realm, of existence.






Yahweh, as before-mentioned, created his Creation

over the Original Work of the Pagan Deities known as the “Old Ones.”  However, every Old God work proved not so easy to undo, namely the work of a Goddess.  Gaea herself, Mother Earth, had cemented herself into the fabric of time & space.  With her apparent silence in the higher dealings of his highest realms, he simply left her to be.  She felt no reason to make any sounds (no, not now anyway).  Mother Earth devised a lower sub-realm in the center of the African Continent.  A sub-continent hidden by mystical mazes & a magical river, this land would eventually be ruled by female African Titan Sisters.






Uranus (Father Sky) & Gaea (Mother Earth), married ruler Spirits of the Sol III Planet, lived in happiness together in peace.  Well, before Uranus turned into a Jealous, Violent Deity.  Two of the first Original Works of the Oldest Old Ones, erratic behavior truly-didn’t begin until after the re-ordering of Yahweh.  Uranus did not take too well emotionally after being misplaced by the “bigger” Father Creator, at least as he displayed at that moment.  Simply put, he took his frustrations out on his then wife, Mother Earth.  His wrath soon turned to (some of) his children.  He only loved his beautiful, tall children — the Titans.  The tall ugly children (Giants) & quite frankly, just plain old ugly children of various stature (Monsters) — he stuffed them under & within the bosom of Gaea.  To both her and their detriment, she had to devise some way to cure herself of this violence or she would die from cramps & spiritual digestive illness.



Gaea alerted Cronus, the youngest & tallest son of the beautiful children, to a unique & covert mission.  After one “last beating” Uranus demanded lust’s fulfillment, then fell asleep snoring.  Typical deity behavior.  He slept like a baby.  She mystically-enchanted a scimitar-shaped blade for Cronus, he would sneak up on his sleeping form — take the blade towards his legs, then swipe . . . his testicles soon, gone.  His “balls” fell to the Earth to be happily-absorbed by Mother Earth, herself.  They empowered her, as Uranus was weakened without them.  Before a Vocally-Powerful, Immensely-Muscled Father of the Titans & Giants; now, he was the Sky Above and ONLY the Sky, a deity in name (and corpse) only.



“Uranus, Reborn”



Uranus sat extremely-depressed for centuries before finally deciding to let the Ghosts take away his mere shell & so he was gone . . .



Later . . .



Two Realms existed elsewhere, a High Plane (dimension) of ACTUAL Void — true nothingness.  So empty it could not even be called empty.  Then stood/ran the Low Plane (dimension) of pure Chaos.  Chaotic Space, one time/space unit would be normal Erath oxygen level & normal Earth gravity, but only three below, degrees F.  Another near-by half-unit of time/space would be normal room temperature, normal Moon gravity & no oxygen.  One soon-to-be-in-their-middle double-unit of time/space would be 25x normal Earth gravity, but 100% oxygen with flammable temps.  At that point the units would bend & blur together and come out completely different time/space unit sizes with new internal dimensions.  No normal life could exist inside the low realm’s temporal/spatial anomalies.



Suddenly, there came a point in the Upper Realm.  A point, a spark of Creativity.  This “little spark that could” grew slowly, but surely over eons & finally after 1 billion years — stood the largest living Star which ever was.  It stood shining alone, for one billion more years before deciding to create a partner.  Soon a second spark, a Spark of Glory.  It took 500 million years to grow into the second largest living Star that ever was/is/will be.  They stood shining uniting in each other’s company alone, just the two for ½ a billion years, until again . . . they decided to shoot each other with energy beams.  Creativity shoot a beam of Justice & back at him Glory shot a beam of Compassion.  Half of their beams hit the other Star, with the other half blending together and beaming into the space of the true Void.  Soon there created a Glorified Creation:  A Heaven.  With this heaven came Servants, angelic ones of all shapes and sizes and temperaments.  Creativity named them all, each one a unique gloriously-creative nomenclature.  They loved their new existence and their new home.  In return they gave their new Master, a nick-name.  They called him “Uranus.”



“HELL HATH NO FURY, LIKE SCORNED.” This Story, like so many others begin with “Once Upon a Time.” So — Once Upon a Time, a beautiful (Sexy, Hot) fine-haired blonde named “Eve” had been scorned by her curly-haired blonde husband named “Adonis.” He fell in love with a chocolate-brown skinned — another. Through no fault of her own, she found herself in a hellish dimension, but through grit and determination, she arose out that personal, private hell — her nails still painted red from what should have been HER wedding day (!!) Of course, POWER & Demonic Beasts came with her. Eventually she killed the dark-skinned — another. Soon, she killed “Adonis,” as well.



“Adonis,” the first human to step from the heavens to planet Earth, actually possessed demi-god status. He would still be a perfect counter-part if he wasn’t . . . She, very heterosexual AND picky, looked all over her Realm for a suitable “Other.” She barely found a few, besides her Realm shrunk every day. The “Phoenix Effect” continued to kick her ass. That damn flaming, hot-be-damned bird (!!) She had to look elsewhere. The “Real World” divided to protect it from her Realm, but ever-growing more super-natural by the minute., she snatched many human men, young and old (barely-legal & silver-haired) . . . they found themselves in her sex dungeons. The sex was actually VERY good, this “Seductress” knew how to play “certain” games. She also being the evilest, psychotic, stone-cold bitch witch you’d ever experience, their lives were truly an S & M secret Hell. (Hell, an ironic word in this context.) During WWII, a horror story of epic proportions to even the most conservative adjective-givers, an Irish Immigrant Anthony Adam Emmanuel, took a chance for a better life in the United States of America. He, however poor, felt it more important to make sure his kids ate than him feeding himself. He held a beautiful wife in her own right. Devoted and special she’d be a near-perfect Mother for his children.



You can probably guess what happened next. Chosen as a counterpart prospect, he proved, after a few months of little food and little water, a Very Special Specimen in her personal, single-woman whore house. Very Unique beyond the obvious, she taught him a lot of her Unique Powers and Special Magic & Very Unique & Special Advanced Technologies & Sciences. He did as no other “Counterpart” did before him. He became her full, royal husband and co-partner in her Realm. Even more Unique he performed a deed no other “Counterpart” did. HE ESCAPED, BACK TO HIS HOME DIMENSION (!!) He could look forward to seeing his wife and children again, even if some time passed. He didn’t get what he expected. His wife, dead of old age — AND his children, well that is where this Story truly begins.



The First Touches of Reality



The Whole Western World, Sol III, grew up

to the 21st Century under the Theme of one Major Deity split between Multiple Faiths.  The Judeo-Christian Abrahamic Deity claimed 1 billion Catholic Followers the World-Wide and 800, 000 (approx.)  Protestant Followers centered at the country/continent of North America.  Not counting the followers of “Allah,” & “Yahweh,” God the Triune/the Christian God-Head dominated the Western World’s Mythos.  As you would think from the dominance of Christian Worldview that much of the philosophies, lifestyles, histories, laws to be infected by Judeo-Christian dominance.  Simply a Truth, God was real.  Reality would be influenced by that.



“God lied.”  Earth, an Earth, existed before the Earth

“God the Father Creator” created with “his Son, the Word.”  This World would be closer to a Pagan Existence.  The “Old Ones” ruled.  Elemental Spirits of Nature & Virtuous (Vice) Spirits of Emotion reigned Supreme, Sovereign.  “God the Father Creator” & “God the Son Glory” considered this “Pagan Existence” Void of Value, they re-arranged it to suit their liking.  “Where did the ‘OLD ONES’ go ?!”  Good Question . . .



The Oldest, Oldest of the Old Ones still exists,

he/it couldn’t be destroyed.  Merely arriving in the lower realm, he became there as a little spark of Creativity which grew into the Low Realm’s Largest Living Star ever & ever will be.  This Star became —   eventually A “Greatest of All Great Spirits.”   He co-produced, later, a Flame — A Creature of Flame, a bird — the “Phoenix.”  The Higher Realm would be “Yahweh’s Realm” & the Lower Realm would be the New Home of the surviving Old Ones, but the “Phoenix” was a different type of creature.  He did not feel the need to stay in one spot too long, not even his Safe Home.  He wanted, no demanded — to travel between the Realms into “Yahweh’s” Territory.  He felt going to his Origins seemed right.  “Yahweh, God the Father Creator” felt he actually was Invading.  He knew he would need to defend his Realm with all his might, to keep it from being polluted.



Everywoman . . .  Yahweh & Yeshua, known as God the

Father/Son, not much is known about the Holy Ghost — not as much as Yahweh & Yeshua.  Most do not know how God the Father & a few Christians refer to the Holy Ghost/Spirit.  They refer to SHE, in the gender of feminine, HER.  She, the Holy Ghost, is a “birther” Entity, she reveals what is the best in Christians to even themselves.  She knows her people very well.  She is truly as Intellectual, Precognitive as the other two portions of the Trinity God-Head.  Even she would be surprised when she saw the “Anti-Christ,” millennia early, arrive in Yahweh’s Realm.  Luckily, he had no designs on Israel OR anyone/thing else.  (Not Yet.)  He was summoned — by . . .



Once Upon a Time . . . in an Alternate Realm, Another

Dimension — A Mother screamed at a 16-year-old Boy, “She did not know if she loved him anymore.”  He could have stayed and toughed thru with the most beloved woman within his life, but He didn’t.  Somehow, someway, he enlisted himself under a Counselor in San Francisco, California.  This particular Counselor proved Wicked, Wicked to the Core.  He brain-washed and mentally-subdued his boy patient, who began to call himself the Demon (Darkness).



Detroit’s Loss now “San Fran’s” Bane, he took to

helping the Counselor, the also demonic “Oracle.”  On a Crime Spree above all Sprees, “Bonnie & Clyde” compared to them would appear like petty newbies.  The proverbial “last straw” for Law Enforcement & A fledging Super-Suited Hero (veteran angst-spreading Criminal) occurred when he blew up a Church, a Catholic Cathedral.  One of the largest churches in the metro San Fran area, he killed more than two thousand people (within and without) in attendance of a California Senator Son’s Wedding.  “NO SURVIVORS.”  “Emmanuel,” the Super-Suited One alongside his secretive love-interest dressed-in-red, “Magda-Lena,” confronted both “Oracle” & “Demon” on the roofs of the Bay City.  Magda-Lena nearly blown-up on an exploding upper-floor & Emmanuel de-masked and legs broken should have been killed that moment.  To his (and Oracle’s) surprise (for reasons only half-told), Demon at the last moment decided to let him live.  “He can prove more useful later.”



One last opportunity presented itself to

defeat the duo.  A wheel-chair, the humbled “Emmanuel” revealed a secret weapon.  “The Mother.”  THE MOTHER — Demon Darkness’ Mom.  She apologized & repented telling him such harmful words.  She told him his Father very sorry for abusing him with words and fists, his dying wish was for her to find him.  Tell the now-named “Demon” that he was one devil God felt worth saving.  “Oracle” could feel his brain-washing suddenly slipping.  He aimed to shoot her in the chest, only hitting her shoulder.  Surprise, surprise.  “Oracle” & his former “Demon” began to brawl over the Gun.



“Oracle,” Doctor . . . lost his mask.  (Actually de-

masked by Demon.)  Doctor Oracle swore swift, cold & painful revenge before getting away.  Now the conflict finally over, San Francisco finally safe, now what?!  How would “the demon” be punished?  An Insane Asylum, a five-year stay — long-term care for obvious de-brain manipulation.



Once he got out, obviously his appearance changed

for the better.  More peaceful, more child-like (in a good way), simpler in spirit he strolled outside waiting for his Mom to chauffeur him back to the plane that would fly him back to Detroit, MI.  That was all before the man he met named “Anthony,” he liked to call himself the “Lost Boy.”  He should be dead.  He should know he had been targeted as an Enemy of the “Dominion.”  They could have killed him rather easily, especially after he was captured by Emmanuel & de-masked before entering the Asylum.  He described his wife, “Wendy” aka “Little Red Riding Hood” who convinced him live (as he convinced “Oracle” to let Emmanuel live) with the goal of converting him.  Conversion into what?!  A “Seer!”



He stayed with 3 others for a short while in San

Francisco fighting Urban Crime as a “HQ Leader.”  The Voice from a “Speaker-Box,” they never knew who he was or his Criminal History, but he was invaluable in correcting the wrong he already did in the Bay City.  He was not there for long.  Detroit, Michigan had been becoming more & more violent.  More and more unlivable, he had to go back and become the “Seer” over MO-Town’s eventually safe streets.



Detroit became more and more secure as the Seer

became a bigger “Bane,” according to the MO-Town City Police than the Criminals he “so-called” fought.  A new Crime Lord moved into Detroit, MI.  This Crime Lord wanted all other big Criminal Enterprises out the City or under his thumb.  Eighty percent of all Profits based on illegal activity he declared his own, from Mafia Acts to Petty Burglary.  At first he was ignored.  Then the bodies.  Drug Gang Leaders, Crooked Cops & Petty Robbers turned up dead — in record numbers.  Crime was reduced in Detroit by 43% in seven months.  All the criminals scared-to-death & many died, the Citizens of the City cared not over their dead “comrades” of the night.  At least neighborhoods were safer and businesses were coming back.



Suddenly the charity gifts piled in.  The Seer was

giving money away.  Homeless People bought homes, Police Departments received benevolence funds, foreclosures paid, water bills paid, toys for poor children received mysterious funds, even tele-evangelists around the world received mysterious gifts from the “Seer.”  A few people turned the money back-in, the police confiscated “dirty money” from some.  Most people learned to just keep their mouths tight.



The “Seer,” a former “Demon,” had cemented himself

in Detroit Life and the city, better for it.  Now for the alternate realms . . . the “Lost Boy” led him to explore other AU places with his mind.  He gravitated to one world so-called Earth 1.1.  He also realized one world, New.  So New, even the “ever-knowing” Lost Boy didn’t know about it.  He saw this world was endangered by many dangers, especially the metro MO-Town area of this Realm’s Earth, as well.  He helped as he could, while further deciding to look into whether he could save this dimension without alerting help.  Maybe, Maybe?!



Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Street Crime, Islamic Terrorists,

the Bad Economy, Political Obstruction, Diabetes, Blatant Racism/Sexism/Homophobia, Classism & Police Brutality . . . What are the World’s Worse Problems?  What” IS the World’s WORST Problem?  “Black Magic.”  Yes, but not just any Magic-User’s Evil Spells.  A Magic-User, part-devil/part-deity, spawned from two rapes over his blood-line.  He has an anger that could not be subdued.  He is a threat to Civilization as we know it, but the USA has a plan.


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