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Back-Story: the “Black Trinity”




wrence Taylor, a star foot-ball player in high school,

fell in love-at-1st-sight with the shy Dianne Turnage.  In the beginning, they manifested as a very tight couple.  They truly loved one another.  “Larry” then received a special anointing from the Lord Above, Jesus Christ.  He received his “wings,” an angelic status to carry out God’s Plan on Earth.  Named “Courage,” he fulfilled every mission of the Lord, until his last duty — he died in the line of that event.  Dianne Taylor-Turnage now left alone to raise him . . .



Let us expand the story, modern Earth as of the 1970s is familiar with deities — real ones.  The ancient Pagan Deities have made them known in flashes, especially throughout the European Continent’s History.  Egyptian Deities have made themselves known as well through Hawk-Man during WWII-era.  The Holy Grail, many Pagans associate with Gaea Worship, was used by Hitler to keep the JSA out of Germany.  Finally taken from him, the Negro-led JSA, finally & ironically, delivered a direct death-blow to Hitler himself.  (He killed himself to keep from facing them head-on.)  The most real deity however, Yahweh — God the Father Creator, his God-Wave when he created the “Big Bang” led to all the little Gods.  At any rate, Big & Little Deities scattered all throughout Humanity’s Past & Present, People of the World should not be surprised at Theists the world-wide.  One Great Event happened that actually-surprised everyone.



Arch-Angels . . . You see, Nine Categories of Angelic Hosts actually exist.  The nine categories divided between three levels or layers, each layer exists to serve God the Triune & protect/aid Humanity.  The last, or “least,” layer of Angels in existence are “normal” Guardians.  Every person on Earth has (at least) one Guardian (based on destiny/life-path/danger & obedience level) Angel to inspire them in Worship, keep them from harm if necessary.  The only problem (why so many still die from danger & harm) is all humanity don’t acknowledge “Yahweh.”  All humanity doesn’t like (love) “Yahweh.”  All humanity doesn’t obey his words when he says something is sinful, or harmful to themselves or others.  All humanity doesn’t hate the Devil of Devils.  (Some even worship the “Arch-Master of Evil,” literally or in actions & deeds.)  The Earth, Sol III, had been so-blessed to Humanity through Adam’s blood-line.  Man had the ownership deed.  Then they disobeyed.  Through Eve’s naivety, Satan now “owned” the Earth.  Jesus Christ won some authority back through his self-sacrifice, but now, only in the lives of those that worshipped God and wanted his, Yahweh’s interference, did he have the right to intervene.  For example, on a computer with inter-net access highly-advanced security programs can alert you when you are going to do something stupid that will open you up to computer viruses & mal-ware.  “Do not do that.”  “Do not do this.”  Words of sanity & protection will pop on the screen.  Many sinners expect God the Father Creator to do this (he already did with the words in his Holy Xtian Bible) literally in all’s lives, even when most don’t acknowledge his right to even exist (even when he is helping others in charities & not being offensive — why do community service have to be associated with “Religion?”)  Ay any rate, above the “bottom layer” are next above in importance: “Arch-Angels.”  Arch-Angels, being Generals-in-God’s-Army compared to the Guardian “Privates/Seamen” (Grunts), more senior Protectors decided by God to deliver more specified announcements of “bigger” importance.  The Most Senior Arch-Angel, Saint Michael, now held the greatest honor of all Hosts.  That honor had been “Lucifer’s.”



The Now-Devil, WAS — Lieutenant of Heaven itself.

God the Triune always on his throne, rarely (if ever) needed a stand-in, but this post was hardly only a useless, “no-need” honor or title.  “Heaven’s Lieutenant,” given greater power over the Multi-Verse than any other being under God the Triune himself, the “Power Cosmic” would be welded in his hands.  (All angels were male in identity, even if they preferred more feminine-appearance.)  They knew things only known by God the Father Creator, even God the Son Mercy (who could in theory know any/every-thing) CHOSE not to deduce All the Father knew.  For these secrets, when God allowed the Power Cosmic to know the information, would allow the Lieutenant to aid the Father in his business (especially when the Son so-chose to be ignorant).  Unfortunately, particularly in one special case, once a God-King of Yahweh’s stature makes a covenant with a being such as an Angelic Host — it cannot be revoked.  The Seraphim of Seraphim in charge of the choir, “Lucifer” would prove the most loyal servant pre-humanity.  Quite frankly (honestly), the world would not be as it was (beauty, even after the fall) without “Lucifer.”  He did a good job when he felt like being good — before pride & rebellion.  Then . . . one-third of his Hosts left home, the only home any one knew, ever (at that point).  Chaos, uncertain forces flew all over Heaven when they all rebelled.  War in God the Triune’s home would not be tolerated.  Even the Son, surprised.  (He never let himself be so ignorant/nonchalant considering his father’s dealings ever again.)  At any rate Saint Michael, given his type “A”-personality, took charge of God’s Army that would protect God (‘s home) from Evil & the first Sins (ever).  He thought the other four Seraphim (level one Angels in the top Angelic-Category) too slow to be any good.  Saint Michael, the Arch-Angel, armed with a fiery Quarter-Staff & hardened battle-experience (Primary Angel given duty to protect the ancient Israel — who do you think God the Father would charge with the Deadly Duty to slay the first-born children of Egypt ?!), he proved to be a nasty blow to even “Lucifer’s” “not-able-to-take-back” “Powers over the Cosmos.”  (Which was an even bigger testament to Michael’s skills for most of the nastier battle-ready angels were the more likely to rebel — Evil Demonic Soldiers vs. Loving, mostly Non-violent, Holy Peace-Makers.)  Saint Michael, Arch-Angel of the “South,” found himself so-honored well, promoted by High Deity itself to “Heaven’s Lieutenant” above all the four other (“Slow”) Seraphim.



Saint Michael, although promoted (yes), still angelically-reigned over Duties of Protection & Holy Warfare.  Still the primary over-head over the modern Jewish State, the constant Middle East bickering over the Jewish territory keeps even him busy.  Next-in-Rank among Arch-Angels, considered the de facto deputy lieutenant of Heaven was the only other Arch-Angel mentioned in the New Testament, the Messenger of Mother Mary, blessed among women.  The messenger to the Shepherds, the messenger to the Wise Men telling them to not return to Herod, the messenger who warned Joseph to go to Egypt — you get the picture:  the (ef-) feminine “Gabriel.”  (Saint Michael always teases him, as much as Holy Angels are allowed.)  Saint Gabriel the Arch-Angel, responsible for the most serious messages of Courage and Hope, would actually-prove to be the most opposite angel to Michael’s Masculine Posturing.  Gabriel knew how to use a Sword & even a Sniper Rifle, he was not to be crossed when he was not in the mood.  (As before-alluded to, most Angels in real-life preferred to be addressed as He, despite any feminine human-like appearance.)  Gabriel however, preferred to be the most merciful one, the one who issued peace & compassion as his ultimate weapons.  A teacher, a counselor, a lover of arts and beauty — he was actually the first sculptor & painter in Heaven, patron saint of entertainers.



Actually there are four Arch-Angels.  The other two in rank/relevance are less-known.  Third-in-command among them: “Raphael.”  Briefly-alluded to in the non-Protestant accepted Apocrypha, he is the Arch-Angel that reigns over Healing and Medicine.  Jesus Christ, the most well-known Xtian figure of Healing, Saint Raphael the Arch-Angel actually achieved the rank/keys of Medical Cures and First Aid/Surgery from the grown-up Christ Child, he himself.  Angels, Good Ones as well, actually have the potent ability to “whisper” into the ears & minds of all those who’d listen, even seculars.  Through the ages, “Saint Raphael” so-whispered into the ears of EMH Workers, Doctors, Scientists & Medical Researchers all the World over.  He healed more people than even Jesus when the Savior walked the Earth, at any rate.  He primary weapon so-however, actually the Sword.  A surgeon’s weapon of choice he is quite adept at slashes away tumors/disease and sinners who’d harm the faithful.  Lastly, he does have a complex about being the least of the generals, but — Saint Auriel, the Arch-Angel.  Arch-Angel of the “North,” his domain logic & reason, he “whispered” notions & ideas of “Gravity,” “Relativity” & “Quantum Physics.”  An obviously above-average, uber-philosopher the most intelligent of the Arch-Angels his brain-power is immerse.  Although Gabriel is the patron saint of entertainers (mortal ones), Auriel is actually & officially given responsibility for Music.  He is the New Head Choir-Director (the last one started an Unholy War in the Clouds and all) & lastly, he is ranked a very, very task of importance.  Occultists often worship even Arch-Angelic presences, in different ways than Xtians of course but nevertheless, Saint Auriel (the “A” is silent), is usually given control over necromancers/theurgist.  A Reason, the Arch-Angel stands at the Golden, Pearly Double-Gates of Heaven.  A Guardian, your more senior one, actually escorts you to the gates & Saint Peter the First Bishop leads you thru Heaven once you cross entry, but Saint Auriel actually stands between your Guardian & Saint Peter at the door-way to your potential salvation.  Saint Auriel shows you almost-immediately a Film in both of their heads.  This film shows you’re a fast-forward of your whole life from conception to death, but — it is a morally-slanted movie.  Only the sin, the evil is shown.  The murder, the adultery, the lies, the blasphemy, etc. is shown only.  The good, the charity, the giving, the love, the mercy is conveniently-skipped.  After your bad side reel is finished a trick-question is asked.  “Why should God the Father Creator, the Almightiest Just God, through Saint Auriel’s decision let you within when you were such a bad person?”  There is only one answer to this Sphinx riddle.  It is . . .



Back to Present-Day . . . the Four Arch-Angels appeared at the four “corners of the Earth.”  Auriel in the North, Raphael in the East, Michael in the South & Gabriel in the West — the four each carried trumpets, which they blew first before speaking.  Once done with five minutes of instrument-playing they finally spoke, all at the same time.  They stated . . .



“God is Real (!!) The Father Creator loves you all, but — A Great Danger is Coming.  Pray to Yahweh & Yeshua.  Satan has Power he never had before, because Evil Men have not listened to the Holy Xtian Word.  Choose:  Obey or Perish.  Good-Bye.”



The Network News Stations and Major News-Papers had field days of peaked interest in this real-life tale.  Everyone who beloved Christ, ignored Christ, hated Christ, indifferent of Christ had an opinion.  Not the end of that series of events, however citizens of the World only had to wait several weeks before the four corners of the Sol III planet beheld the Arch-Angelic Four again.



“God is Real.  Satan is Real.  Sin is Real.  Redemption is Real.  Really.  Our Champion is Real.  You will need ‘Courage’ during these troubling times.  Listen to God the Father’s Representative, Agent of Heaven, on the Earth — he will arrive, highly anointed, very soon.  The Leaders will hate him as they hated Christ, but he will announce the defeat of the Devil of Devils.  Beware the indifference towards the Matters of Christ.  Obey or Die.  God loves you.”



Some of the World was encouraged by this News.  The Rest of the World, Most People to be Honest, seemed highly-agitated after these words glided thru the sky when a five-minute choir of trumpets finally over.  Who was this Champion & why did God, the Father Creator specifically, change his normal non-interference (beyond warnings of Dooms-Day) to Warnings of “Hell on Earth?”  Citizens asked this question for days, then — A Bomb went off, . . . exploded killing 3,000 people.



The United Nations, the U.N., held a Conference on January 14th, 1972.  Five thousand, nine people — diplomats, kings, queens, presidents, chancellors, tribal leaders & all of their aides — attended, the ones who served in some major way of importance.  President Richard Nixon, President of the United States of America, a professed Xtian who loved Christ Jesus with all his heart attended to tell the rest of the leaders and dignitaries to not fear the Arch-Angelic call.  Thank God he — well, thank God there is a Heaven Jesus fought to put his people in.  President Nixon did not survive the lethal blast.  It was a seriously sad day for the United States.



“Who set off the bombs that caused such a powerful explosion, killing 3,000 of the World’s Most Important Figures?”  Middle Eastern Terrorists, rivals of quite a few Middle Eastern Leaders killed in the explosion.  An island Nation near Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan’s borders called itself, “Baal’s Agamemnon,” in Modern Arabic.  A strange place, quite a few people wondered where this place came from, they stated such a place never existed in history’s time & space until just before the explosion.  Most of the World thought them crazy, for why would some figure from the Aeither create a magical fairy-land of Muslims who would cause such destruction.  What purpose would this serve (?!) Muslims did not worship God the Father Creator of the Xtains, why would he create magical fairy people just to kill the USA’s President & a Princess from Britain’s Royal Family among much of the important civil servants of the Western & Eastern Earth.  The U.N. created a Unique & Special Coalition.  It would be officially-named, “Weapons of the Presence.”  “WotP,” would prove to be a very, quite frankly, anti-Islamic Cause dedicated in reality to all the Gods, Goddesses & Secular Humanism forces/causes associated with those who died in the Islamic Terrorist Act.  This board’s 1st act, War, on citizens within all lands foreign to Baal’s territory; they declared all people from this place banned from open freedom to walk those foreign streets.  (Unique protests fought not only this “inhumane” act, but some protested as well the fact that these were fake people — not arriving till the need to make a scape-goat of a fake Nation.)



Protests of this “un-American” action the whole world wide, largely went ignored by the fear and the ignorance living like a twin with such terrorist brutality.  Back to MO-Town, the home-city of Lawrence Taylor, eighteen-years-old he merely at first very surprised terrorists could get away with such a plan in the first place — especially with Angelic Guardians & the secular forces like the USA’s Central Intelligence Agency.  Also a silent, but observant, individual he knew this “fairy” Nation never truly existed until recently.  He never remembered such a place being on the Earth in Geography months ago.  He KNEW how this “Magical Nation” came to Sol III’s surface.  “Satan.”



“MO-Town,” but else-where/when . . . Dianne Turnage, she always why she wasn’t given a middle name, met herself on the way to school one day.  She met two of herself actually.  Dianne at the age of nine-years-old lived with her four surviving sisters (one died in the womb) across the street from her fourth-grade class-room (elementary school).  For the worse, especially in this worst case scenario, she could not (not allowed to) exit from the side-door of the elementary school to simply cross the street and go to her home.  She had to exit from the other side of the school thru that door.  She would then need to take the long way home around to her family’s house.  (Her Mother raised them without the father or her second husband.)  Of the five girls, Deborah Elaine (who was born to be given a middle name), 11, & she deemed old enough to just come home from school alone.  The other three: 8, 6 & especially the 4-yo:  needed to wait for one of the two older sisters to escort them across the street.  Okay, ’nuff said.  Dianne realized one day that her sisters had already gone home, so on one fateful after-noon she left the other side’s door and merely decided to walk home.  The reason why this needed to be described as a fateful day.  A Serial Child Rapist/Killer.  He held little girls, and boys, in the basement of his house of horrors.  He molested them over years and finally after being done with them after an extended amount of time, he physically-tortured them & left them to die.  In his furnace, he threw them in the furnace to burn.  Of course, the road began to twist and turn in strange ways.  She got lost.  She lived across the street, but got lost.  No, she was not stupid, just a little girl with a recently-diminished sense of direction.  After not arriving home at a reasonable time the Mother, Lillie Mae, decided to collect the four remaining girls and look for her.



This is where things, the story-telling, gets tricky.  Two opposing acts occurred.  Two contradictory events that should not have both happened “occurred” in the SAME time/space-line.  She met this rapist/killer in one horrifying scenario.  She would be held prisoner for three years, but cunning (despite getting lost in the first place) she escaped, to slowly march back towards her home.  The only safe place she knew, the child-killer ironically close to the elementary school.  More positively, she never actually met this monster.  He would be arrested by a Xtian devotee, he happened to be a sergeant in the police department sex-offender division.  How did she escape him?  An actually-long story, saved by an African-Grecian/Roman Goddess, named Demeter (Ceres), the dark-skinned she-deity took pity on her potential plight and whisked her away to Second Themyscria, home of the Amazons.  An Amazon is a Warrior Woman who, the Grecian/Roman-descended ones, lived in First Themyscria until Heracles’ Army destroyed it.  This event which occurred around 1,200 B.C. (times before the Christ Child), the Women separated from Male Greece/Rome in the first place — too War-Like, and they appreciated having rights/freedom (like the freedom to not have sex with anyone when they didn’t feel to, imagine that freedom over your own body).  Again at any rate, Heracles (also known the world-over as Hercules), given the literal Themyscrian Crown & Girdle of Gaea by Younger Sister Queen Hippolyta, against the obvious scolding of the Older Higher Sister Queen Antiope, they both actually worked together in this instance to best even Heracles in battle.  The both could have killed him, only Zeus (aka Jupiter) kept his wretched life alive.  Athena, the secret freedom-bearer of the Amazons, warned the Sister Queens the King of the Grecian/Roman Deities would not allow them to enact revenge even with the rapes of the Themyscrians.  They tried anyway, Women who have been raped/tortured tend to be very angry once freed & given half-a-chance to enact vengeance.  In punishment (for disobedience), but congratulations/reward for faithful service to the Grecian/Roman Virgin Goddesses, they appointed the Guardians (Olympian Angels) of the World.  Evils, Monsters/Giants/Demons/Undead, lived in a Grecian Hell beneath the surface of Gaea’s Bosom.  They should not be allowed to walk on the surface, they tend to be very destructive.  The Gods & Goddesses actually tired (scared) of fighting these “Evils.”  The Amazons would be blessed with enhanced physical ability based on the Magic/Blessing of Second Themyscria (instead of the Girdles of Gaea — the two Sister Queens each actually possessed one which was stolen by Theseus, another member of Hercules’ Party).  They, forced/pleased to agree, ran with open arms to their new fate.  Well, two-thirds of them anyway — approximately 6,000 of them — 3,000 left in disgust with the older Sister Queen Antiope on a mission of reward against Theseus.  They would retrieve what was rightfully theirs, given by Artemis herself with Athena & Hestia’s approval/consent.  In the year A.D. 1963, she arrived into this situation.  By then, Second Themyscria would lay as a “Paradise Island.”  Time/Space allowed to occasionally flow very differently than the Normal Earth Plane’s “Man’s World,” the little girl stayed on the isle for 101 years.  She was not 110 when she left, however.  She aged internally, spiritually-mentally, but physically she would remain a nine-year-old girl.  (She didn’t mind her stay because she would deduce hardly any time actually passed in Man’s World — whenever she returned her family would not miss her.)  She learned a lot, actually realizing the full use of a surprise super-power she realized shortly before she arrived on the enchanted isle.



Paradise was fun, entertaining & educational, but life with Pagan Females (only) can only go so far.  Time to return.  She returned to the same time/space-line as her captive self, hours after she became lost.  Her family, Mother & Sisters, found her seconds — in a proverbial flash — after her re-arrival in “Man’s World.”  Of course, she disobeyed the Amazons, telling her family of her little-over-a-century with them learning scholarship & warfare.  They thought — well, they thought she was stupid at first.  “How did she get lost?”  They also thought her crazy with her stories.  (They thought she was crazy a second such time, she told them no such nation as Baal’s even existed.)  She realized maybe it was just a dream.  (Of course not, but . . .)  She merely re-formed into her old life.  She never mentioned her tales again for a long time, even to herself.



Oh yeah, meeting two more of herself . . . three years, at age 12-old, after the arrival date on Paradise she met Dianne & Dianne.  The captive-no-more met the Paradise-Visitor who also met a third Dianne who was led by God the Father Creator to merely exit the wrong side of the school three years before.  (The third Dianne was actually only nine-years-old.)  Imagine that (!!) They immediately disappeared after noticing each other.



“Paradise Island.”  They arrived for the first, first & second time on the enchanted isle.  Especially the second-timer knew something highly-mysterious was wrong, something that could affect the whole world.  The former captive thought she was in a Pagan Hell.  (The nine-year-old thought the elementary school was punishing her for walking out that damned door against the rules.)  Satan, Queen Hippolyta told them all.  A loser according to the Christ Child, Prophecy & even the Holy Xtian Word in the Last Book, “Apocalypse,” occasionally victory would not seem so sure.  He would achieve events & artifacts that could easily, quite frankly, give him a means to sneak a victory — or at least make victory seem more bitter-sweet.  He invented the scenario that would cause three Diannes to meet on one “fateful day.”  Three in the same time/space-line not acceptable, this event could lead to — the implosion of the Earth years before the supposed “Judgment Day.”  Queen Hippolyta knew this situation would be even more important the war verses the “Door-Way to Hell” on Themyscria.  She would only have seconds to act.  Good & crafty, Amazon Mystics possessed a Grecian/Roman “Magical Mirror.”  This contraption allowed the Communication with the Deity.  “Which One (?!)” Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, even Ares — well, Yes.  ALL OF THEM (!!) Every dingle true Greta Spirit of any importance, Yahweh, Grecian, Roman, Indian, Native American, Allah, Egyptian, Baal:  they all stood to attention, if desired — when summoned OR when needed.  The Satanic Scheme worried every single Deity, Good/Neutral & Bad, in all-existence known.  Something Inter-Faith would need accomplishing.  Queen Hippolyta actually influenced the decision of the cross-spectrum divine act.  Only one “Dianne” would be allowed to remain in this time/space-line.  The second-timer would be chosen to full that spot.  The nine-year-old would be chosen by Yahweh himself to go to Heaven as a Virgin Saint.  The former captive would get a special assignment by the Titan Survivors, Grecian Hold-Over Deities that did not side with Saturn (Cronus).  Problem solved.



Back to MO-Town, present-day & current-tense . . . to be more specific 197x, “Lawrence” actually received a wind-fall from a Mysterious Benefactor, a Car (!!) A beautiful new car, it came from a Minister at his church actually.  He said he saw a special destiny in Lawrence decided God wanted him to have a car, so be it & Amen.  Dianne mostly thought Lawrence a cute nuisance at this time, but she gave him a present.  A Powerful Hand-Gun covering with a thin-layer of literal Gold, no idea where she got it, he thought she was crazy (yet again) but put the treasure in his car’s glove compartment.  One day on his trip from an after-school job, he saw a woman.  She looked like a prostitute, but she was pretty.  He drove by skid row in the city because it was the fastest way home.  Used to seeing such sights, he would have paid no attention beyond a glance, but he saw men alongside the female, men with menacing looks.  They slowly, surely strolled towards the assumed-prostitute.  Quickly as he reached mid-way to going past her, they attacked her.  Not knowing what to do at first, he did what any scared teen-ager would do.  Although frightened, he swiftly grabbed his lover’s (in his eyes) gun & defended her shooting two of the aggressors.  The others ran off to no avail.  The police picked every one of “the others,” suspects, in that little rape-gang and put them in a line-up.  No one was brave enough to testify to them doing any wrong-doing over several months, except “Larry Taylor.”  They received heavy jail-time based on his testimony.




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