AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Back-Story: “Cupid” & “Psyche”




Often two people meet, supposedly a romantic encounter — but, they are just not good for each.  They are murder on each other’s hearts.  That was the case with . . . & . . ., aka “Cupid & Psyche.”



“Cupid,” actually went by the nick-name . . . before actually-reforming from the life of a hired killer.  Birth-Named by two Italian-descent Parents after . . ., he constantly-played base-ball with young friends.  A game he learned to love based on the sports passion of his beloved Dad, he actually became quite good at it.  Pitcher & second-baseman, he mastered little league through high-school and even played college base-ball — well, only fresh-man year.  Just before sophomore studies, he injured his right-hand in a car accident.  (An added insult because he actually-drove VERY well, trained to stunt-drive.)  Surgery would be needed to save his hand from being eventually-amputated, surgery he could NOT afford.



He couldn’t afford the surgery himself, anyway.  A mysterious benefactor alerted him he would pay for surgery from one of the best specialists in the world.  At first highly-elated, he caught his mind in second thought.  Hardly a sucker, he wondered aloud when he met the would-be benefactor, what was the proverbial catch.  A big catch, the experimental surgery should prove very risky, his very survival actually at stake.  In exchange for his new better-than-before right hand, he needed to offer his services.  The mysterious was a Mafia King, he wanted a guinea pig & later an enhanced (literal) hired-hand.  Always driven, especially by base-ball, he never had time for illegal activity.  It would keep him out of college.



He obviously started to say, “Hell No,” but seduced, he let his answer linger for a sliver of temptation to have a chance.  During this “sliver” he investigated, as best he could, this benefactor.  The Mafia King, actually something of a Robin Hood, took care (in a good way) as many needy people as he took care (in a worse way) his victims.  Many of them deserving punishment, rival gangsters, he took from the greedy and gave to the before-mentioned needy.  (Much of the time.)  He looked even deeper.  His own Mom proved to be one of the Mobster’s “Needy” who received help.  Okay, maybe (?!)



It only took a few months for . . . to adjust to his new ability after the surgery.  Blessed with enhanced speed & reflexes, he began to master ranged weapons, including long-range guns.  He became the Mafia Benefactor’s New Sniper.  . . . quickly-menaced his home-town so much, he scared the mess out of rival criminals & cops alike.  He murdered 11 targets within a nine-month hit-man career.  He also aided the King gain 10-million-dollars illegal profit from protection rackets & general “garden-variety” theft.  . . . now obviously the favorite son of his benefactor, he received one fateful job.  A little girl named “Prudence” . . .



First, “Psyche.”  Alfonso Jermaine Turnage, son of the time/space-traveling Super-Heroine “Golden Gun Girl,” knew who his Father was.  Lawrence Taylor.  One problem however, Lawrence died before he could conceive Alfonso.  Actually he was a Heaven-Dweller, normally they are not able to conceive.  “Courage,” the code-name of his super-hero Dad, the agent of the highest Deity Yahweh himself.  He died in 1979, after giving birth to his older brother four years earlier, Alfonso Jermaine Turnage.  (Long story.)  (Pre-) Superman, quite frankly the greatest super-hero to ever — Super, they were actually in a trio later known as the “Black Trinity.”  (Golden Gun Girl, actually was the second female in the group, the first sole-heroine was the lesser-capable, in his opinion, Wonder Lass.)  Golden Gun Girl, replaced “Wonder Lass” America’s Second-Wonder female, when she had to replace her in an alternate time/space-line (hopping) adventure.  “Wonder Lass,” in this reality they actually got married shortly after Al’s birth, merely had to move on alone.  Golden Gun Girl, actually broke the rules, she was quite the thief — she snuck by her Guardian Angel, Saint Peter the first Bishop & even the normally-attentive Saint Auriel the Arch-Angel.  She met the heavenly Lawrence, they made love and a second Al was born four years later Al was born in a heavenly ever/every-time/space.  He could not stay in Heaven obviously, but — Yahweh knew more of Satan’s plans (or at least seemed more concerned).  He arranged a particular time/space-line to allow two Al’s at the similar time & places.  This would not bring the end of the world (“this time”).  Hell, to be honest they always played at rivalry, they would not occupy the same places at ANY given moment/locale.  Alfonso Jermaine Turnage would be raised by Dianne Turnage, the widow of Lawrence Taylor, aka the formerly Earth-Bound “Courage.”  Alfonso Jermaine Turnage would be raised by Katheryn Taylor, one of Lawrence’s sisters.  (Both would spend lots of time with both families, though more spending more time with the side that raised them.)



“Golden Gun Girl,” Al’s Mother, dealt with a horrific childhood before her time/space-traveling adventures.  One event, her escape & Captor’s injuries, came about because she was so-blessed with a super-power.  Powers.  Doubly-Blessed as result, Heaven-Dwellers actually are resurrected with unique powers easily-called Super.  He received unique powers of his own.  Alfonso Jermaine may be a moderately-capable Witch-Blooded, a strange mark for a supposed-Xtian, but Alfonso Jermaine had erupted from the womb with psychic ability.  Yeah, yeah he also gained another more important ability.  Time Manipulation Ability, he can actually “Reverse the Flow of Time/Space.”  When, occasionally when, bad things happen big & little surprises which should not occur according to His Wishes he can merely reverse time & redo.  A dangerous, but heavily-useful talent, he received a visit after using it too many times.  “Superboy.”



“Superboy” supposedly not seen by the greater public after 1966, came to him years later alerting him he would not be allowed to use this ability again.  The short version is that it was sacrilegious for Kryptonians, who all had the same ability under the yellow sun.  More than a moral issue this power could apparently rip time/space-lines apart if used willy-nilly.  Superboy was not to be reckoned with, he could sense.  He strictly obeyed.  (Well.)



Years later, Alfonso Jermaine x-years-old . . . met (Cupid) (aka . . .).  His psychic ability could alert him to danger acutely at certain moments, but he did not seem alerted to this killer.  He met him about the same time he began to spend more time with his Mother’s sides cousins, namely in this instance the future mother of “Prudence,” April Joy.  On Alfonso Jermaine’s surface layer, they “hit it off” right away.  Soon despite his conservative family (both sides) an announcement, they would get married.  (Not legally, it was 19xx, but nether here/there.)



(NOTE:  Pay Attention, this is where every-thing/where in this time/space-line is destroyed, Oops.)  Shortest, the future Cupid murdered, the time/space-line collapsed on itself — an implosion.  Shorter, more important than any person would have guessed, and some would have thought “Superman or Bat-Man” in reality more important.  The future Psyche murdered him, for “Cupid” was sent to lead the efforts to kill the future idea of “Prudence” before she could even be born.  Actually hitting the mark first, “Cupid” would be sent by another psychic who knew Alfonso Jermaine would intervene.  Short story, “Prudence” is a time manipulator herself, freezing is her main specialty.  “Prudence” is also mysterious & inexplicitly a pyrokinetic able to produce nasty fire-balls capable of scarring concrete rock.  She will become an “Omega” meta-human if she can survive her toddler years.  She will grow to be a Greatest Super-Heroine who will usher in a New Safety Golden Age & Bring new Peace to all.  Well, she has to be born first & Many do not want the status quo of Villainy to change.  Poor little girl.



Longest, the future “Cupid” & a covert (secretive) female known to most only as “Princess,” sent to kill “Prudence’s” Mom before she even wanted children or met the father.  The cunning, seductive “Princess,” one of “Wonder Lass’” most trouble-some Villainesses, she dropped the other older Alfonso Jermaine off the top level of MO-Town’s tallest building.  Once when he was one-years-old & again four-years-later to the exact hour/day.  (Yes, that would convince A Mother to stop the Super-Heroine gig.)  More on her, if later, “the future Cupid” advised by the Evil Oracle, THE EVIL ORACLE, A Devil Woman — literally from Hell, itself.  She served the Arch-Master directly, “Satan/Lucifer.”  She revealed that he and Alfonso Jermaine (II) near-soul mates potentially.  He can seduce, get close, attack when the near-soul mate is not using psychic-ability (trust and all).  (Alfonso Jermaine was so naïve.)  Alfonso Jermaine not naïve, consoled from . . .  This Good Witch Oracle, warned him the future “Cupid” was an enemy.  (Obviously.)  No, he didn’t understand.  Sometimes Xtainity is not right, reincarnation can sometimes occur.  Usually strangers meet all over the time/space-liens of spirit, but occasionally loved-ones will meet several life-points over again learning, growing.  Unfortunately, this moment was not such a useful occurrence.  Enemies often travel from life to life as well.  Nine, nine life-points, they both traveled — always males ironically.  Gul Dukat/Benjamin Sisko, Borg Queen/Katheryn Janeway, Q/Jean-Luc Picard, Any Klingon/James Tiberius Kirk:  they were known by Mystics over as Enemies across time/space-lines, even alternant realities.  They each once literally-crucified the another, each of them the aggressor/victim.  By protecting little “Prue” from being erased he would rid his world of such a nasty menace.  The future “Cupid,” prepared to shoot a lethal metallic arrow thru Alfonso Jermaine’s heart.  He held the Bow in his ambidextrous hands.  Fire, he should have.  (In a murderous sense.)  He couldn’t do it.  The first contract he didn’t fulfill.  That night he met Alfonso Jermaine.  They had a beautiful dinner and made love for the first time.  Alfonso seemed very hesitant before of such acts.  The future ”Psyche” handed him a cup of wine.  It would prove the last drink ever drunken.  Naïve, I guess not this time.



“Superman” died.  Yes, that is relevant.  “Cupid & Psyche” decided to make final physical love on the after-noon Superman met Dooms-Day for the final time (for them both).  Fitting that would occur, the death of the World’s Greatest Human (-oid) (the Greatest Super-Hero to ever live) on the same day Earth One-AJT just collapsed on itself.  Premonitions occurred all over Alfonso Jermaine’s mind, enemies but mates (lovers).  Two materials cannot occupy the same exact place in time/space, over-lapping each other, without annihilation of the whole kitty-litter.  Soul-Mates need to find each other, why soul-mates are so important, or the fabric of time/space-lines could fall apart.  Mates who are also enemies across all time and space is NOT supposed to happen.  An enemy destroying an enemy, an evil hit-man, should have rang the halls, but they were soul-mates this one time.  One victory/one tragedy, the time/space-line could not handle it.  Thank God is Superman is dead.  REVERSE (!!)




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