AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

DC Heroes (3rd Edition)

I am working on adapting this Origin Story/Back-Story  . . .  It should be here soon.



“Earth One-AJT, I.” Most Secular Scientists agree, the Big Bang exploded into Existence as the beginning of our Universe (time, matter, energy & space). Our Universe, 13.8 billion years old (approx.), in reality Came from “God the Father Creator.” Yes, the Universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old, but the “Father Creator” is Eternal. He always was & always will be, ever/every-present in the current. From the correctly-deduced “Big Bang” came a “God-Wave,” many Mystics/Super-Scientists equate this “Wave” of inter-dimensional energy/forces with the creation of “lesser” gods throughout the Milky Way Galaxy — and beyond. Other beings, as well, came from this “Wave.”



“Wisdom,” “War” & “Beauty,” three of the Pagan “Lesser” Deities created by the “God-Wave,” (around 10,000 Before Christ) actually the immortal children of “larger-than-immortal” life Lives, similar to the Graeco-Roman Titans.  “Wisdom,” “Velocity,” w/ “War/Beauty” co-led the battle to vanquish those criminally-insane deadly deities.



—  B.C.  13.8 million (approx.)  God the Father Creator “creates” the Big Bang


—  soon after a “God-Wave” shoots thru the Universe

— B.C.  10,000 (approx.)  “Wisdom, Velocity, War & Beauty are birthed from descendants of that wave

—  B.C.  33 (approx.)  Jesus Christ of Nazereth is Crucified

—  three days later, he arose

—  40 days later, he Ascends

—  (around) 1939, “Hitler” achieves the Spear that Pierced Jesus’ Side

—  1940, “Black Lightning”  &  his girl-friend “Black Canary” debut

—  1941, “Wonder Woman” arrives in the US of A  &  the “JSA” join forces

—  1949, “Masks” are banned in the USA

—  1950, “Kal-El” lands on Earth from Krypton

—  1962, “Superboy” (Clark Kent) debuts

—  1966, “Superboy” retires

—  1974, “Courage” debuts

—  1976, “Wonder Lass’ debuts

—  1977, the “Black Trinity” debuts

—  1980, the “Black Trinity” disbands

—  1981, “Honesty”  &  “Sister Witch”  debuts

—  1982, “Faith” joins forces

—  1984, “Faith” disbands in disgrace with two members dead/incapacitated

—  1985, “Superman” debuts

—  1987, “Bat-Man” debuts

—  1988, “Robin” debuts

—  1989, “Wonder Woman” debuts

—  (late) 1990, “JL” debuts

—  (mid-to-late) 1991, the “Teen Titans” debut

—  —  “Laura Langston” Supergirl debuts

—  —  “Vanity” Bat-Girl debuts

—  (late) 1991, “JL” becomes “JLA: Alpha & Beta” teams

— — Superman (Leader)
— — Bat-Man (Deputy Leader)

— — Alpha Team:

— Martian Man-Hunter (Field Cmdr.)
— (Barry Allen) Flash
— Vixen
— (John Stewart) Green Lantern

— — Beta Team:

— Aqua-Man (Field Cmdr.)
— (the pre-teen) Blue Beetle
— Red Tornedo
— (Guy Gardner) Green Lantern

— — Emergency/Reserve Members:

— Green Flame
— Ice Maiden
— Booster Gold
— Huntress
— Plastic Man

—  —  “Young Wonder Man” debuts

—  —  (mid-to-late) 1992, the “New Teen Titans” debut

—  (late) 1992, “Dooms-Day” arrives

— —  Dooms-Day was met by Flash, the Beta Team of the JLA & the Emergency/Reserve Members

— —  Most were horribly-defeated, a few were slaughtered/de-powered

— —  Flash survived to meet the Alpha Team & try to recover

— —  The four & Supergirl tried to stop it, but to no avail (Supergirl was almost killed)

— —  Superman finally arrived & fought it to a stand-still, finally defeating it at the cost of his life

—  (early) 1993, Bruce Wayne “Bat-Man” is paralyzed by “Bane”

—  (mid) 1993, the “Crazy Bat-Man” takes over as “Gotham’s Knight”






— “Bane,” formerly “Prisoner #1092,” has broken (the back of !!) “Bat-Man.” The former “Dark Knight” of Gotham City has been reduced to having to choose another to fill the position that (perhaps) only he (“Bruce Wayne”) could fill.


—  A “New Bat-Man” has been appointed. Of course, the Conqueror of the Detective rules Gotham now. There is no room for any other criminal, unless they agree to withstand “Bane’s” Reign. That meant a certain doctor has to find a new home.


— (the) “Trickster,” the quiet originator of much of “Gotham’s” Crime, reluctantly arrived in “Cross-Over City,” a few days ago — & is already causing havoc. “Who is the Trickster ?!” The first psychiatrist to deal with a mildly-insane “pre-Joker” patient, he helped create a monster, tens of times worse. He would be the psychiatrist that recommended “pre-Harley Quin” to study that Arkham-captive for the sake of studying criminal behavior. He knew, covertly, codes that could release the security surrounding the Arkham complex. (“He wouldn’t let inmates escape would he ?!”) He actually helped “Bane” for a short while hoping to be partners. The “New-Comer” to Gotham City did not feel gratitude. Now, the doctor is elsewhere having to restart his efforts to create a personal “Criminal Empire.”


— “Cross-Over City,” the large town equa-distant from the “District of Metropolis, Gotham City & Washington, DC.,” often finds minor-to-moderate Super-Villains/-esses that run from any of those Cities. (the) “Trickster” is easily the strongest/cleverest the City has ever seen, but the locale is not without its Heroes. “Supergirl” (Laura Langston), calls “Cross-Over” home. She is a past low-level associate of (Clark Kent) “Superman,” & very often appears to take-out multiple threats to her City. She also is known for making appearances as leader of the also-autonomous “Young Trinity,” “Bat-Girl (II), Young Wonder Lad & Kid Flash (II).” Unknown to they, except thru legends of the Streets, the “Trickster” has begun with “Lust-Inducing Potions” met to cause humor at a Charity Event & Practical Joke-inspired attack on an elementary school — they know now they HAVE to “TAKE-OUT” the Man secretly-known as “Gotham’s Master Mind Doctor.”






“Earth One-AJT.” Most Secular Scientists agree, the Big Bang exploded into Existence as the beginning of our Universe (time, matter, energy & space). Our Universe, 13.8 billion years old (approx.), in reality Came from “God the Father Creator.” Yes, the Universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old, but the “Father Creator” is Eternal. He always was & always will be, ever/every-present in the current. From the correctly-deduced “Big Bang” came a “God-Wave,” many Mystics/Super-Scientists equate this “Wave” of inter-dimensional energy/forces with the creation of “lesser” gods throughout the Milky Way Galaxy — and beyond. Other beings, as well, came from this “Wave.”



One of the earliest humanoid life-forms in the “Milky

Way,” “Lesser Deities” in Knowledge & Power & aided by advanced technology/evolved mysticism, produced a highly-elevated society with little crime or vice.  A wealthy culture with envied economic status, the partially-generous people even aided lesser species, when they deduced the greatest need of such charity.  One of the most intelligent intellectuals, a highly-renown researcher, re-looked at his stats.  They helped him reach the conclusion, a very bright one.  All-Knowledge/All-Power could be achieved through a certain, particular experimentation.  If the procedure proved correct, he could achieve ability similar to the “Father Creator.”  The “Father Creator” himself however, an unusual act of bluntness (direct, audible communication) explicitly expressed his disapproval of said procedure.  His Planetary Culture’s High Council forbade it.  The Indignant Researcher listened as well as “Eve.”  He went on with the process anyway & it almost worked — almost.  The project blew up in his face & yes, destroyed the whole planet with it.  “Oops !!”



The Earth, Sol III, approximately 4.5 billion-years-

old lived by itself with its life-forms in relative peace.  Until the results of the experiment reached this planet.  An Evil Dimension better known as “Hell” reached below Earth’s surface.  Things/Events would have been unchanged however, until a former Seraphim of Seraphim, an Angelic “Lucifer” realized he needed a place to go — Long Story of Pride & Rebellion.  “Hellions” never would have been as a force-to-be-reckoned-with verses the “Triune,” if not for an Evil Dimension, “Hell’s Wickedness.”  Not to worry, Satan could not hurt the Earth if Humanity does not spread sin.  The Earth belongs to “Adam” & no one “should” take it away.  Of course however, did I not before-mention “Eve?”  (Well, “Adam” had his hand in that “Fall,” as well.)



Around 30ish A.D. (Year of Our Lord), the most

climatic battle that the Sol III planet had ever seen would take place.  The “Jesus Christ, the Anointed One,” should have been the “Israeli King of the Earth.”  Should being the key-word, Crucified instead.  For the first two days of not knowing where “Yeshua” was, “Satan” (Hell) had a Massive party.  Hell pulled out all the Dark Party Favors, hats and all, to celebrate the Death of God’s Only Son.  He had been whipped 39 times & stabbed finally with a spear, Satan managed to hold as a souvenir.  Then came day 3, “Jesus Christ!!”  He re-arrived alive, in Hell itself.  Satan went from a party to never being so scared.  Jesus triumphantly too, so-blessed the survivors within “Abraham’s Bosom” to the Heaven itself.  One day later, Lucifer sulked as Christ returned to his Mother Mary on Sol III.



Back to the God-Wave . . . As before-mentioned,

multiple lesser gods developed spread out all over the Cosmos.  One Manifestation resulted in the blood-line belonging to one particular Pagan Goddess of “Wisdom.”  The oldest daughter of a Greater (but dethroned) Deity, she reigned over other siblings.  Two of them, her next-in-line brother (“War”) & a younger, his sister concubine (“Beauty”)“War” & “Beauty” resented “Wisdom’s” iron-fisted leadership.  Hell, they resented her even being on the throne & Her constant quips about being better at “Warfare & Looks” than either of them.  Either of them perhaps, but the two combined should be able to defeat her.  “Maybe?!”  They realized they may need help.  The help of a weapon, forbidden & hidden from their Pantheon.  The pair discovered where the Weapon laid now, but they needed to learn how to use it & how to defeat the Wisdom-appointed guardian of it now.  It would take extra time to plan & prepare.



Finally, with a battle-plan in place, “War” went with new Martial Techniques to tear-down the Guardian.  “Better at Warfare, indeed.”  “Beauty” had done her part, sleeping with and poisoning the one who knew its operations, they combined to finally be able to use the weapon against “Wisdom.”  The plan hit a snag however, for “Beauty” decided she needed “War” no more.  She attempted to use the Weapon first against him.  Nearly-Destroyed he only feigned death for a few days. He re-rose with a vengeance, against “Beauty,” he slashed her face severe — she was beautiful no more.  “Wisdom” definitely prettier now, “Beauty” screamed in pain & failed vanity.  She screamed a curse powerful, before going quickly into exile.



“War” hid the weapon, which had to rest before being used against “Wisdom,” then decided to celebrate with a new prostitute — the Sexiest, New Woman he could find.  “War” found her — well, she wasn’t a prostitute (now willing) which mattered not as he ripped his clothes and snatched away hers.  Right in the middle of her home with her husband/kids watching, he tried to rape her.  He almost had a heart attack.  A Deity getting a heart attack.  He nothing, but retreated before the husband could finally retaliate against him in his weakened condition.  It took him months to recover before he tried to have sexual (forced) relations again.  “War” raped the “Maiden,” a Virgin Goddess.  He did successfully relieve himself before another near-heart failure.  He received second-degree burns form his fiery former prey as she retaliated for his defilement of her.  Not learning even after recovering from the burns, he tried to get a Woman drunk and have his rough way with her before — he fell into a coma before he could even get his pants off.  “Three Strikes.”



With um, “tail” between his legs (unusable), “War” went to “Wisdom” who demanded he tell her everything before she cured him.  He did obediently.  She giggled.  She told him he had been cursed, alright.  “Beauty” no more cursed him that he would never again survive making love (Raping) another woman as long as his near-immortal life.  He literally cried, the first in his Divinely-Worshipped Existence.  “Wisdom” demanded the Weapon he stole from the Guardian.  She further advised laughing in his face, “He could start raping young boys.”



Catastrophically-Melancholy for decades, he finally decided that day to kill himself.  Before he put the blade in his heart however, he did look back at his existence.  He never actually valued women.  He only used them to satisfy his sexual needs.  He looked back at the Women “in his life.”  Mostly victims, they all hated him when his butt hit the back door.  He also looked at the Females who loved him, so-called.  They ended up causing more grief than the sex was worth.  He realized killing himself stupid & ignorant.  He should take “Wisdom’s” advise.  (And he did.)  He realized a change would be best.  He enjoyed the boys he kidnapped.  A few men, proved were more than willing, humbly serving the actually-attractive, burly Deity.  Time to make this decision official . . .



He collected quite a few of the strongest, cutest & fiercest men available to live away from the world in the mountains.  A sexually-changed city-state, it would be an anti-woman (or at least no XX allowed) Mercenary/Assassin Strong-Hold.  A Place that would allow employers to pay for the best hit-men & thieves in the whole, wide world, they would collect millions in riches from the Earth’s Underworlds & even Covert Governmental Agencies (of course no records existed of such employees).



Now, during the WWII-era, a Great Evil arose to join the Great Evil already here.  Hitler reached the “Spear of Destiny” (the before-mentioned souvenir) & the “Holy Grail.”  He used the two to combine in a Magical Ritual that kept Super-Humans out of Germany.  Well, “Good” Super-Humans.  That didn’t mean though that “Evil” Germans, Super or not, didn’t arrive in the US of A.  Three different appearances of four super-beings (“Black Lightning” & “Black Canary,” “Hawk-Man” & “Flash”) brought the JSA, Justice Society of America, to America’s fore-front.  Led by a black male, ironic given the racism of the time-period, the JSA fought multiple spies, exploitive criminals and double agents.  In the middle of this, a Villainess that all four combined couldn’t stop appeared.  Out of the blue, thankfully, came “Wonder Woman,” a woman who later described herself as a Warrior-Queen from a secretive, hidden realm.  (She told them in confidence.)  “Black Lightning” declared she would be the perfect second-n-command under his leadership.  The “Queen” agreed.  Finally, after a few star-filled years, fans erupting everywhere — they combined with human sources in Germany to accumulate intelligence/espionage.  Normal Mortals finally achieved the spear + chalice away from Hitler, the Nazi Master.  The JSA were then allowed to enter and personally deliver a lethal blow to “Hail, Hitler” himself.  They were congrats by the Allied public thankfully for years to come.  For worse, the public soon turned against them when a government board put an end to Secret ID super-humans, “Masks.”  The JSA, for the most part, settled into Civilian life, the Warrior-Queen simply took her Jet to go home.



The Story of Modern Super-Heroism actually begins w/ a Particular Mother; she was the second oldest of “5” sisters.  Her Mother decided to move up from the South (US of A) to bring better opportunity to her daughters.  They arrived in Detroit, MI (MO-Town, the Motor City) & moved right across the street from an elementary school — the same school that the daughters would go to.  The mother had to work so she allowed her 2 oldest daughters to lead the “5” girls home, or simply come home alone . . . the five girls sometimes got out at different times, but only the two oldest sisters were allowed to cross the street alone.  The second oldest daughter realized one day that her four sisters had already left, so knowing the rules she simply turned to go home.  She turned the wrong way — yes, her home was across the street, but she turned the wrong way ending up getting lost!  She cried, wandering the neighborhood she wondered how she ended up where she was . . . Unfortunately, she would meet an unfortunate end!  A serial child killer/rapist in that neighborhood would meet the little lost sister’s last steps.  I should say unfortunately. She should have met an unfortunate end . . .



Elsewhere, else when, (Very Powerful, “Lesser”) Graeco-Roman deities: Zeus (Jupiter), Hera (Juno), Poseidon (Neptune), etc.  The ancient Greek and ancient Roman Empires, “2” of the strongest governments the World had ever seen and the deities that ruled them were “NO” different — except for Typhon!!  Typhon, a Demi-divine/Demi-Devilish creature of unknown ancestry, coveted Mount Olympus & announced he was “coming to get it.”  You know the reaction the God & Goddesses had — TERROR!!  Confusion?!  They high-tailed it away in a hurry from their home, twice they had to do this.  Fortunately, Typhon grew bored w/ & lonely in Olympus and twice left of his own accord, but the Graeco-Roman Olympians had to hide in Africa among the continents’ deities both times.  Demeter (Ceres), Graeco-Roman Goddess of the Harvest, Vegetation & the Seasons, adopted her “African Face” w/ zeal & real interest in her surroundings, more so than the other Olympians.  Even when she got back to Olympus, cleaning up after Typhon, repairing her home — she kept her African Goddess persona. She also began taking an interest in young humans, female affairs.  Over the millennia, many young women were lost, many young women ran into danger running-away, many young women were chased from safety.  Demeter, and later other Graeco-Roman Goddesses, throughout human her-story altered time & space to bring a few of these young lost girls to Second Themyscria, the Amazons!  That is exactly, thank god-dess, what happened to the lost little Negro girl.



“Nieces of Second Themyscria,” the lost who were pushed gently to the Amazons for temporary, usually, safety & education.  Two things about this little Negro girl unusual however, even in this unusual situation . . . she stayed the third-longest “Niece” stay on Themyscria ever, for one who didn’t stay permanently, “101” years!  She learned all kinds of Amazon ways, language, theology, hunting, and athletics, physical combat . . . two.)  She was born w/ a unique super-power.  Even though only 9-yrs.-old, at the point she was lost, she was able to outfight quite a few of the Amazons, trained warrior women, who faced her.  She could study, it usually only took 3 days to 2 weeks, visually other person’s combat techniques, often even athletic maneuvers, to mimic them then to the letter, at rare times even inch-pass them in quality.  Once, on Second Themyscria, she studied under the most talented warrior-women then trumped those under them — & even a couple equal to them!  This little warrior girl amazed the Second Themyscrians, there were only “2” as it turns out who never lost to her, the Queen herself (of course) Hippolyta & her Chief Soldier/General Philipus.  Yes, even the 12-esque-year-old daughter, Diana, bested by her in a few melees.  Diana only won half her battles, remarkable for those who know what her future would be.  Anyway, as stated, the little Negro girl stayed on the island for more than a century, though she never grew older than nine-years-old —  at least while she was on “Paradise Island” . . .  Eventually, it was time to go, she wished well to her “Aunts,” who grew to be more like “second” sisters, to be divinely-whisked away back to MO-Town, seconds before her sisters and Mother found her, hours after she got lost!  She did tell her birth family about the Amazons and the island and the “101” or so years she spent from home, but they thought her crazy.  Soon she thought so too, she dropped the subject . . .



. . .  Soon, the little Negro girl, a strong Young Black Woman, now 21-yrs.-old, had a new life & nearly forgot about her Amazon adventures — then her Oldest Sister was murdered!  Who?!  Who killed her Sister?  An assassin named Cheetah. Cheetah?! Sounded familiar — yes, she remembered her?!  Wonder Woman!!  When she was nine-yrs.-old she knew nothing of WWII, but over the years, learned that Queen Hippolyta had traveled to the US of A as a heroic-female named “Wonder Woman.”  Queen Hippolyta strangely mentioned nothing of it while she was on Second Themyscria?!  Anyway, “Cheetah,” one of Wonder Woman most troublesome-recurring Villains (-esses).  It is too bad “Wonder Woman” wasn’t here — or was she?!  Most “Nieces,” once they are done w/ their “Paradise Island” stays, are simply sent away to be safer and sound, but a select few are sent away w/ a gift . . . A belt, a girdle —  a mystic- transformation device to become . . . a Stronger, “Badder” Woman, or a “lass,” a “Wonder Lass !!”  The Press named her that after she was inadvertently revealed, in “Wonder” form, in full public-view.  Super-Heroes, or Heroines, were scarce since the infamous post-WWII “Witch-hunt Era.”  The public needed and demanded a — HEROINE!!  For her better though, she had just given birth to a nearly one-yr.-old & she had not wanted to be seen as a “Wonder Lass.”  She was unprepared to juggle Motherhood and Super-Heroics.  For the World’s Worse though, Super-Villainy & Disasters struck that only she could deal w/ —  she had to set her son’s needs aside (w/ relatives) & deal w/ those issues.  She did this single-handedly until a couple other Super-Heroes found the secret persona behind the more public “Wonder Lass” face to join her beginning with the title, “Trinity.” (Later they would be known as the “Black Trinity.”) “Wonder Lass” proved herself to be a very capable super-heroine for 4 to 5 yrs. before her son’s desperate needs simply forced her to give up her heroine duties.  She helped find eventual replacements and the Belt-Girdle went back in the closet.




An associate of Cheetah (II) kidnapped her son

. . ., when he was one-year-old or so. He ended up being dropped off a near-skyscraper in the middle of downtown MO-Town . . . he’s around “20” now so obviously he survived . . . he grew up handsome and strong, wise too (at least that is what his Mom told him).  At any rate, he knew a few things, but one thing he didn’t know, was that Olympus and Hell had joined forces.  In 1989, a new “Wonder Woman” had arrived in “Man’s World,” Princess Diana — all-grown-up!  Ares (Mars) had tried to start WWIII w/ it would have arrived nuclear disaster, but the Second “Wonder Woman,” the third “Wonder,” had averted it to avert many more disasters, alone and at the side of the JLA, Justice League of America.  Ares (Mars) was dismissed into detention after the World’s near-destruction, but his daughter, Eris (Discord), Goddess of Strife & Petty Disputes (“Queen of Bitches”) lingered around . . . She was silent about her father’s imprisonment, until she could silently ally w/ Hecate. Formerly, Selene, Goddess of the Moon —  until her younger sister nearly-killed her in a battle for it sending her to the Neitherworld; to free him from his prison to try one more time at “Immortal Villainy” to “Hostile Take-Over” Mount Olympus!  First things first though, Eris in her secret grand plan, planned on killing all the former “Cousins” of Second Themyscria, those w/ belts-girdles . . . that included the former, “Wonder Lass.”  Demons on loan from Hell came to Alfonso’s Mother to abduct her, but she was prepared.  She activated her own belt-girdle!  “Wonder Lass” even though not seen for 14 to 16 years, at the peak of her power. Multitudes of demons and imps fell at her might, but there are many demons and imps in Hell. Quite frankly over-whelmed and taken away.  Right before her son’s eyes . . .


Alfonso was one of many handsome, smart, and occasionally wise, young black men in MO-Town . . . but He was also one of (Very, Very) Few potent Miracle-Working Magic-Users.  Raised Christian, his Mom’s Pagan years w/ the Amazons mellowed her to her Son being trained w/ his Natural Witch abilities.  To be honest, his religious-spiritual views were always very eclectic.  The first being he thought of to help his Mother was Yahweh, God the Father, “Dad” of Christ & Deity of the Jews.  He could have prayed like everyone prayed, but felt the situation needed . . . something . . . “stronger.”  He called on all his spell-craft lore and occult knowledge to create a “Magic Mirror” that would allow him to talk directly to Heaven, if the Deity felt like answering?!  He called top God the Father who took hours to answer, once the mirror finished, and when Yahweh finally answered he asked him if he knew of his Mother’s kid-napping and how God the Father would help their situation?  God said, directly and bluntly, he would do nothing to help the situation.  When Wisdom asked why he would not help his Mother, “God” (God the Father) replied, “You are not strong enough.”  With that cryptic response, God the Father said nothing else & vanished!  Angry and frustrated, Wisdom did the heroic — he cried . . . Demeter-Ceres then answered him thru the “Magic Mirror” asking him why he was crying?  He told her about “Wonder Lass’s” kidnapping and she told him she would stop the Earth to help him — literally, all time on Earth, Sol III, stopped except for him.  She told him that there were other Graeco-Roman Goddesses (& Gods) more knowledgeable of witchcraft, but she aide him the best she could in creating a spell to aide his Mom.  It took 4 months of research/planning/preparation to create a worthy spell in mind that would aide his quest, but time was stopped anyway so he had nothing to do, but research/plan/prepare!!  Finally, he was ready to try what he had been training for, in his studies he learned all he could of feminine mysteries and feminine spirituality, “Lord Knows” he wasn’t the burliest Man around, but he was still male which made his future act risky.  Here goes!!  Basically, he ritualized communication w/ the female Goddess Spirit of the Earth, Queen Gaea.  He asked to be accepted by her as a female spirit warrior, despite being male and then requested to join her feminine army as one of her own.  He then requested what would be needed to empower him.  Ironically, or un-ironically if you knew Wisdom, he received what he needed, a belt-girdle of his own.  He threw it above him in the air and shouted, “Demeter!” as he spun around as Mom had seen Amazons do in prayers.  A Golden Light exploded and suddenly he was . . . “Wonder-full!!”  He was more muscular, three inches taller, looked like he went thru plastic surgery, he was a Wonder Boy . . . Demeter appeared in the “Magic Mirror.”  She said to “Go Get Her,” and showed the way to Eris’s dungeon. Wisdom, anew, flew thru the Mirror.



Alfonso apparently arriving just after his Mother was taken thanks to Demeter’s altered time-space . . . He released his Mom, “Wonder Lass,” easily-defeating “2” imp guards in the process.  Of course, bigger demons ran, and flew, into the dungeon where he and his Mother fought side-by-side to defeat the small hoard. After a dozen mighty hellions were vanquished, the Mirror’s door-way re-appeared to allow the “2” escape.  The Door-way closed behind them, both were safe!!  From the Hellions anyway — the Amazons were not too happy.


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