AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

DC Heroes (1st Edition)


My 1st RPG  —  EVER, my favorite for introducing the joys of pretending.  I would not be the writer I am (such as I am) without this game.  Love it  (!!)



—  November 1940, the “Two Founding Members of the JSA (“Flash & Green Lantern”) undertook a Mission to try to reclaim the “Spear of Destiny”









—  (early)  1941, the “Minute-Men” join forces in New York City, New York





—  1941, “Hawk-Man” became the third “JSA” Member & “Doctor Fate” joined soon after (the “Core 4”)

—  (late)  1941, “Princess Diana” soon joined to make the Core “Five”





—  1943, WWII is over as the “JSA”  are able to cross into Germany (somehow someone got the “Spear” from “Hitler”)

—  1966, “Taylor” is born to the “Father & Mother of Lawrence Taylor”

—  1977, “Wonder Woman” re-arrives in the US of A

—  1980, Superman” debuts






—  1982, “Bat-Man” debuts

—  1983, “Black Power” debuts

—  1984, “Superman” defeats Ozimenendez & saves multiple cities, aided by “Bat-Man” (Bruce Wayne)  & “Wonder Woman”  (Princess Diana)





—  (early)  1985, A New Age of Hero-Dom begins w/ the debut of “Courage”  &  “Golden Gun Girl”  &  “Supergirl” (Superman’s Cousin, “Kara/Linda Lee”)

—  (mid)  1985, the “Invisible Boy”  & later, “Cupid,” debuts

—  (late)  1985, “Magus” reforms w/ (partially) Sister Witch’s” influence   &  the “2” join forces with the “Invisible Boy”  (eventually “Spider-Boy”  &  “Insect Boy”   &  “Cupid”  joins with them to form the Super-Hero Team nick-named “I”)

—  (early)  1986, “Supergirl” (Laura Langston)  debuts

—  (mid)  1986, “Boy Justice” debuts  &  soon after, the “Teen Titans”



(NOTE:  I thought it would be fun for the New 1st Edition Game to have the “Watch-Men”  &  “JSA” as part of the same history  —  the mix should prove interesting.  OH YEAH, DC COMICS OF COURSE OWNS THIS “DC Heroes MATERIAL,” EXCEPT ORIGINAL CONTEXT FICTION MADE BY FAN AUTHOR.)


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