AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Blood of Heroes

“A Great Game, I Hope they cam Work Out the copyright Issues fro Another Edition  . . .  the game actually has  a lot of support.”



Copyright:  2000 AD, Pulsar Games, Inc.

Publisher:  Pulsar Games, Inc.

“All Rights Reserved”





Dexterity  5   Strength  3    Body  4

Intelligence  3    Willpower  5    Mind  4

Influence  4    Aura  4    Spirit  5

Initiative  12        Hero Points  ?




Super-Powers  (?)






Acrobatics  5

Martial Artist  5

Thief 4

Weaponry  6



Dexterity  2    Strength  3    Body  3

Intelligence  4    Willpower  2    Mind  3

Influence  2    Aura  3    Spirit  3

Initiative  8        Hero Points  15




Super-Powers  (None)






Acrobatics  3

Charisma  4    (Intimidation  &  Persuasion)

Weaponry  4  (Fire-Arms  &  Missile)











(SIF)  “Heights”

(Serious)  Psychological Instability

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