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In DC Expanded Universe, DC Variants, RPGs on April 30, 2017 at 4:43 am

Marvel Plot Points


Joker here.

Don’t look so surprised.  I’m a jester of many skills, and hacking into the Plot Points Blogs site was easy-peasy.  They’re just lucky that I don’t delete the entire content of this site and fill it with dancing clownfish.  Then again, the day is young.

So why did I bother?  Glad you asked.  Now shut up.

You may have noticed that yours truly made a cameo appearance in the Fearsome Avengers storyline House of Madness.  And if I might say so, I stole the show.  And yet, as shocking as this may seem, the morons who run this dump weren’t going to share my datafile with you, the eager reader.  These ignorant reprobates, who probably use spell checkers to write mono-syllabic words like “an,” “the,” or “huh,” and whom have never even heard of an Oxford comma, and whom are not fit to shine my shoes with their…

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Printer-Friendly Datafiles [Updated]

In Heroic, Marvel on April 30, 2017 at 4:32 am

Marvel Plot Points

**UPDATE** If you mouse-over the Hero Datafiles page you will see a pop-out for a page with all the printer-friendly versions that are available. I won’t be posting updates every time I make one, just check there occasionally. I will try to get the backlog done in the next couple of weeks.

Several of you have asked for more printer-friendly versions of our datafiles. Here’s what I have come up with. Does it look like something you would want to see? The plan would be to offer both the normal version and the printer-friendly version.

Obviously these aren’t as pretty as our normal versions. I also can’t promise we would have time to do them with every datafile. We really need to know how much interest there would be in these. If there are only one or two of you who want them, it’s probably not something we want to…

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Hero Datafiles: Banner and Hulk

In Heroic, Marvel on November 15, 2016 at 4:35 pm

Marvel Plot Points

Many classic and beloved Marvel characters were left out the basic game. Guys like, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Thor, Nick Fury, Cable, Deadpool,  and Hulk.

We have been slowly fixing that, and now it’s the time to debut the Green Goliath, here at Plot Points!

I went on a different kind of approach when dealing with the Banner/Hulk duality, since the Sentry/Void solution didn’t seem fit to me. Essentially, I came up with two different datafiles, with specific conditions which switch them, and all tied together with a milestone.

I think the Hulk will be a great choice of character for one-on-one adventures, but I also can see him working (and complicating) bigger pictures, like he did in the Avengers movie.

Have Fun.


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Hero Datafile: Silver Surfer

In Heroic, Marvel on October 31, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Marvel Plot Points

Today, our Hero Datafile for The Defenders is none other than that cosmic-power-wielding wonder: Silver Surfer! Silver Surfer is a cosmic being, able to fly through suns, and as such, is pretty powerful.

This datafile comes to us from Jonathan Baldridge, who submitted it to us for use here. Thank you, Jonathan! And thank you to Andrew, our amazing Monday Milestones guy for putting this into the datafile format for us.

If anyone out there would like to be a contributor to the blog, just let me know! We’re always looking for more to help out.

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NEW EVENT: DCHRPG: Suffer the Children

In DC Expanded Universe, DC Variants, RPGs on July 21, 2016 at 11:55 am

Marvel Plot Points


Howdy, True Believers!

Wait? What’s this? A DC Comics post on a blog based on Marvel characters and a Marvel game? What is this blasphemy?! We shall not stand for it! Let us run this man from his home and into the streets!

Wow. That was weird.

Now that that is passed, allow me to introduce my latest Event that I have been furiously working on for the past year ever since my last Event went up.

Suffer the Children is a story idea that has been in my head since way back in 2009. It was inspired by one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite TV shows of all time (Justice League Unlimited). I’ve always had this story in the back of my mind and was always looking for a way to finally bring it to table. With MHRPG, I knew I had finally found that…

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DC Heroes (“1st Edition”)

In 1st Edition, 1st Volume: Heroes, DC Heroes, DC Universe RPGs, Earth 1, I am Back (!!), Introduction to DC Heroes on April 11, 2016 at 7:51 am

1st RPG  —  EVER, my favorite for introducing the joys of pretending.  I would not be the writer I am (such as I am) without this game.  Love it  (!!)



—  November 1940, the “Two Founding Members of the JSA“ (“Flash & Green Lantern”) undertook a Mission to try to reclaim the “Spear of Destiny”

—  (early)  1941, the “Minute-Men” join forces in New York City, New York

—  1941, “Hawk-Man” became the third “JSA” Member & “Doctor Fate” joined soon after (the “Core 4”)

—  (late)  1941, “Princess Diana” soon joined to make the Core “Five”

—  1943, WWII is over as the “JSA”  are able to cross into Germany (somehow someone got the “Spear” from “Hitler”)

—  1977, “Wonder Woman” re-arrives in the US of A

—  1980, “Superman” debuts

—  1982, “Bat-Man” debuts

—  1984, “Superman” defeats “Ozi” & saves multiple cities, aided by “Bat-Man” (Bruce Wayne)  & “Wonder Woman”  (Princess Diana)

—  (early)  1985, A New Age of Hero-Dom begins w/ the debut of “Courage”  &  “Golden Gun Girl”  &  “Ghost”

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In High-Lights, Other Blogs on December 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm

pre-Generated PCs

In Old WoD, World of Darkness on December 24, 2015 at 8:51 am
“Keiko” aka  “Sersi’s Song”

(Now/Today, she mostly goes by her Wiccan Name  . . .  )

(the)  Wiccan Princess, High Priestess

Deputy Mistress of “Detroit Mages/Witches”

Demeanor/Virtue:  Care-Giver/Harmony

Nature/Vice:  Survivor/Pride

Avatar’s Essence:  Primordial

Tradition (s):  Orphan/Verbena


Social  (7)

Mental  (5)

Physical  (1)

—  Charisma  =  4

—  Manipulation  =  3

—  Strength  =  1

—  Appearance  =  3

—  Stamina  =  1

—  Dexterity  =  1

—  Intelligence  =  2

—  Wits  =  3

—  Perception  =  3



Knowledge  (13)

Talent  (9)

Skill  (5)

—  Occult  =  3

—  Theology  =  3

—  Linguistics  =  2  (Japanese  &  Ancient Greek)

—  Cosmology  =  2

—  Medicine  =  1

—  Performance  =  2

—  Drive  =  1

—  Survival  =  1

—  Meditation  =  1

—  Leadership  =  3

—  Awareness  =  3

—  Dodge  =  1

—  Academics  =  2  (History)

—  Expression  =  2


Avatar  (3)

Node  (1)

Resources  (1)

Chantry  (2)


—  Life  (1)

—  Spirit  (1)




Arete  (1)

Willpower  (5)

Quintessence  (3)


Arete  (+2)

Avatar  (+2)

Chantry  (+2)

Ally  (+3/4)  (Mentor’s Skill/Power  =  5, but his Usefulness as far as SHE is Concerned is Only 2.)

True Faith  (=7)

Charisma  (+1, now 5)

Resources  (+2)

Influence  (2, Church)

Influence  (2, Occult)


Aged  (-10)  (“60-something”)

Magic:  Prohibition  (-2)  &  (-5)  (“An Ye Shall Not Harm any Living Being, Human/Animal”)  (“Will lose Avatar”)



Life  (+2)

Spirit  (+1)

Prime  (1)

Resonance:  Dynamic  (Bright)

Nimbus:  ?

Avatar’s Appearance:  “Athena,” the Greek Goddess of Wisdom






(the)  “Oldest Anointed Sister,”  deceased

(A)  “Prophetess,” “Joan the Baptist”

“Anointed Woman of the Second Generation” that moved to “the City from the South”

Virtue/Demeanor:  “Faith/Visionary”

Vice/Nature:  “Sloth/Strength”

Avatar’s Essence:  “Primordial”

Tradition/Craft:  Verbena/”Wonder Xtian”  (“Super Saint”)



Social  (7)

Mental  (5)

Physical  (2)

—  Perception  =  3

—  Intelligence  =  2

—  Strength  =  2

—  Charisma  =  3

—  Manipulation  =  4

—  Dexterity  =  1

—  Wits  =  3

—  Stamina  =  2

—  Charisma  =  3

—  Appearance  =  3



Talent  (9)

Knowledge  (13)

Skill (5)

—  Leadership  =  3

—  Awareness  =  3

—  Occult  =  3

—  Theology  =  3

—  Cosmology  =  1

—  Medicine  =  1

—  Investigation  =  2

—  Performance  =  3

—  Survival  =  1

—  Fire-Arms  =  1

—  Street-Wise  =  1

—  Intimidation  =  2

—  Alertness  =  2

—  Subterfuge  =  1



Avatar  (3)

Resources  (1)

(Joint)  Node  (2)


Arete  (1)

Willpower  (5)

Quintessence  (3)


Entropy  =  1

Life  =  1

Spirit  =  1


Arete  (+2)

Blessing  =  5  (Astral Projection)

Blessing  =  2  (Augury)

Avatar  (+2)

Manifest Avatar  (+3)


Mind  =  3


Lame/Parapalegic  (-4)

Aged  (-5)  (“Dexterity”  -1)  (Already factored-in)




the Now)  Oldest, the Female Anointed One

(the)  “Strongest Faith”

co-leader of the Cabal/Queen Mother of the “Super-Saints”

former “Psychic Retainer”/now “Wonder  Xtian/Super Saint”

Demeanor/Virtue:  “Care-Giver/Faith”

Nature/Vice:  “Survivor/Pride”

Avatar’s Essence:  Pattern


Mental  (7)

Social  (5)

Physical  (2)

—  Perception  =  5

—  Wits  =  3

—  Intelligence  =  2

—  Dexterity  =  2

—  Strength  =  1

—  Stamina  =  2

—  Appearance  =  3

—  Charisma  =  3

—  Manipulation  =  2


Knowledge  (13)

Talent  (9)

Skill (5)

—  Psychology  =  2

—  Empathy  =  3

—  Dodge  =  2

—  Stealth  =  2

—  Occult  =  1

—  Linguistics  =  1  (Sign, American)

—  Medicine  =  2

—  Investigation  =  2

—  Leadership  =  2

—  Intimidation  =  1

—  Alertness  =  2

—  Dodge  =  1


Avatar  (3)

Resources  (2)

Node  (1)


Arete  (1)

Willpower  (5)

Quintessence  (3)


Arete  (+1)

Avatar  (+2)

Blessing  (5)  “Shape-Shifting”

Blessing  (2)  (1st Edition)  “Faith-Healing”

Node  (+1)

Empathy  (+1)


Aged  (-5)  (“50-something”)

Magical Prohibition  (-2)  &  (-5)  (“Of her own free will, she may not attack her Other Cabal-Mates with Magick/Powers”)  (“Could Lose Avatar”)

(the) “Oldest/Eldest” Half-Brother

In Old WoD, World of Darkness on December 22, 2015 at 9:02 pm




(the)  “Oldest/Eldest Half-Brother”

the 1st his dead mother contacted, to bring in the others

He failed his now-Vamp half-brother


Virtue/Demeanor:  “Courage/Strength”

Vice/Nature:  “Pride/Child”

Avatar’s Essence:  “Pattern”

Tradition:  Orphan/Cult of Ecstasy




(the) “Anointed Ones”

In Old WoD, World of Darkness on December 22, 2015 at 5:47 pm




God the Father Creator  (“Yahweh”)  is Real.



Even in a Dark World, there is a Salvation.  Jesus Christ  (“Yeshua,” aka “Emmanuel”)  HAD to DIE  (!!)  Many Men, Secular & Various Spiritualty, believe Many Women & Men to be the Greatest Human who ever lived.  Jesus Christ, regardless of who Various People believe that person to be, should/has-to-be believed as the greatest Agent of Change among “Men” that ever lived.  The World would never be the same as it is now if not for Jesus/Yeshua.  Every major good (bad/neutral) event in history, especially the “West,” can be linked to Jesus Christ (as before-mentioned for good, ill OR in-between).  God the Father Creator & God the Son Glory/Mercy glanced at the Earth, one day in particular.  They loved what they created, but they noticed sin  —  everywhere.  Murder, Lies, Sloth/Laziness, Bitchiness, Murmuring, Rape & Sexual Assault alongside Child Neglect rampart on that said beautiful Earth.  God the Father/Son hated SIN in all forms.  They loved all Men & Women in all forms.  They felt sorry that so many of those beloved Men & Women went to Hell.  So few actually on their way yo meet him in Heaven.  They wished/desired All SIN to End throughout all time/space & matter.  Satan, as he is known NOW, used to be the Highest, Most Beautiful-Glowing  —  Lucifer.  Satan caused his pride to lead to Rebellion which caused 1/3 of his beloved Angelic Hosts to turn-coat to join him.  Yes, a War started in HEAVEN  (!!)  If not for Lucifer, there would  —  BE NO SIN.  They fore-saw & hind-saw this important fact.  Jesus, then God, looked at the world and they decided to do something no Xtian thought they could do  —  they changed their minds (!!)



A Gamble  (!!)  “Jesus and God (the Father Creator)”  knew the only way they could re-create the Earth would be, A Gamble.  Here is how it would go.  God the Father would use Jesus’ blood to create a Holy Blood-Line.  One, or Two (never 3), “MAGES”  —  Christian Mages  —  would be produced from the beginning of this blood-line.  Each generation would produce one or two of these Xtian Wizards to fight the Manifestations of Lucifer on Earth.  One generation however, no Mages would be produced.  The next generation however, would produce three  —  one from the next three generations (each  of three generations after).  These three would be uniquely-anointed:  they would have powers no “Mage,” true or counterfeit would ever have.  They would face dangers from Hell, none any other Mage would be able to handle.  Their powers would grow with each victory.  One day/one battle, they will face Satan himself.  That day they would use grown-up powers to destroy him.  Throughout all space & time he would be eliminated.  No War (Heaven or Earth) would eve be fought again.  The World would have “A New World Order.”



The time has come  —  & went.  The Oldest  of the three (the Oldest Sister/Daughter of the powerless “Granny”) has been recently-killed/murdered.  Maybe the legend only a fairy-tale, not one of the “Anointed” truly-worried of her demise, beyond losing a beloved family member, of course.  Of course, guess what  (?!)  Something happed that was not supposed to happen.  The Second-Oldest Sister gained her own powers.  A surprise of the Legend & blood-line, a “Wonder Xtian” (a lesser Mage) told them of their importance to God’s New World Order & Lucifer defeat, possibly.  The “Super Saints,” the only three so-far, the elite faction of “Wonder Xtians”  —  automatic leaders of their group (“Craft”)  —  they would need to secure the HQ of the Factions under them now.  It is a “Haunted House.”  The team of three would need to prepare for eventually they would need to “break-in” the abandoned house, from all but “the Hellions of Hell.”  They needed to prepare to win the place back.  Two years after facing minor/mild danger they now supposedly ready.  Will they survive “their Family’s Personal Demi-Demon?”

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