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This is an example of a WordPress page . . .   (the)  “Alfonso Jermaine Turnage,”   (‘s)  Creative Writing Journal, Open to the Public !!  I hope you enjoy . . . January 10, 2011.



January 14th, 1975  . . .  “I am the Son of Larry ‘Lawrence’ Taylor & Dianne Turnage on this glorious day.  ( I am lucky to be here according to Mom on my 1st B-Day.)  I, born at 10:27 a.m. I believe, came out with my left hand in a ‘thinker’ pose (according to the renown statue, famous).  I do not think I even cried once I was out the womb.  (My Mom apparently did a lot of crying, it was a difficult labor.)  I miss my Father, despite our childish behavior towards each other, (sometimes violent behavior on his part).  May he minister to others in the Xtian Heaven to the Other Faithful about the Glory of the Deific Vision.  Mom always says she misses you the same & probably more.  (Yes, even that is possible.)  You WERE the ‘Love of HER LIFE.’  I hope you are proud of me.”



I am currently working on revising “DC Heroes” on this web-blog.  I hope ya all enjoy . . . July 11th, 2012.



“God is Real (!!)  The Father Creator loves you all, but — A Great Danger is Coming.  Pray to Yahweh & Yeshua.  Satan has Power he never had before, because Evil Men have not listened to the Holy Xtian Word.  Choose:  Obey or Perish.  Good-Bye.”



December 11th, 2015  . . .  A little taste.  (Just Above.)  “I am working on finally-establishing this site as a great place to find my & others’ joyous creativity.  Come back to see a great DC Comics Universe Fan-Fiction story for all interested.  I hope you enjoy this site in the future & beyond.”



“I have many good friends, even if some I only met over e-mail, internet (Facebook).  One such friend who I actually only know as ‘Darci’ ( I only know him over e-mail as this) helps me proof-read some of my writing.  With his help I will be able to produce more art worthy of placing here for your enjoyment.  Thanks to all helpers & readers.  One more such helper on December 14th, 19-2015 . . . I am trying to age both of us  —  anyway, ‘Christopher Cain’ suggested short (-er) intros that will better explain what readers are getting (into) when they decide to visit the story.  (A Quick-Outline for the viewer.)  I take this view-point to heart and will start it with all the stories on this site/sight.”  (“Thanks to all Helpers, Again.”)



December 12th, 2015, “More about me  . . .  I am Alfonso Jermaine.  I am the (as before-mentioned) son of Larry Taylor & Dianne Turnage, as some may know from my self-insert fan fiction else-where on this blog.  (I hope you all do not think I am obsessive/arrogant (a loser).  I know the esteem held over self-insert fan fiction, I saw the Buffy episode.  (One reason I finally decided to write Original Work, i wrote only fan fiction all my life.)  I see a writer is supposed to know what he is talking about before he “puts pen to paper.”  (Or “she” as the case may be.)  I went to school beyond High School for two years, but I did not officially get a degree.  I actually live a boring life, I do not really like lots of drama, in reality.  I start stories with family usually, then I look at the alternate world, fantasy.  I see/think what would we be doing in this scenario.  Then from there I envision associates.  From there i envision enemies.  From there I begin to create an entire world.  I hope as I write, now I am rambling I will be done in a moment, you enjoy the worlds I create:  fan  OR  Original.”


December 15th, 2015  . . .  Check out the “DC Heroes” (1st-Edition) Page.  I am real proud of it and the page is one of my favorite here.

  1. July 9th, 2012 . . . I do not know if any of you that are reading this post know this, I have been recently-hospitalized with a near-fatal infection !! Thankfully, I made it to the hospital’s ER in time . . . a few more days wait could have killed me. At any rate, this happened to be after TWO (“2”) “life support” moments, heart failure due to lack of oxygen and a medicine allergy, the latter first respectively. I have lived very sickly & dangerous over the past few yrs. and I AM SICK and TIRED of it. Please pray for me !! Please also be patient as I update the web-site linked to this address. Thank you for prayer and patience.

  2. July 11th, 2012 . . . I want to let you know I DO feel better now. Thank You for those that PRAYED !! I ALSO want to tell you I am writing an Original Short Story/Book at another site that will remain “Private” at the moment, but will become “PUBLIC” in the (hopefully) near-future as it is finished. Thank You for (even) more Patience. Love ya all in Christ . . .

  3. http://www.wattpad.com/61538701-an-introduction-to-truth-%26-freedom-cosmos I was not having much luck posting this elsewhere. This is the Wattpad.Com site for my new & eventual e-book. The sub-title is “An Introduction to Truth and Freedom Cosmos.” I am the Author, Alfonso Jermaine Turnage. It is a prose, super-hero action-adventure story that blurs the “Real World” and My Fictional One. I like stories like that. Anyway, if interested please take a look. Also, there is a Face-Book Group called “Truth and Freedom Cosmos” dedicated to discussions and promotion. quite frankly. Any comments, criticisms, advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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