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In DC Expanded Universe, DC Variants, RPGs on April 30, 2017 at 4:43 am

Marvel Plot Points


Joker here.

Don’t look so surprised.  I’m a jester of many skills, and hacking into the Plot Points Blogs site was easy-peasy.  They’re just lucky that I don’t delete the entire content of this site and fill it with dancing clownfish.  Then again, the day is young.

So why did I bother?  Glad you asked.  Now shut up.

You may have noticed that yours truly made a cameo appearance in the Fearsome Avengers storyline House of Madness.  And if I might say so, I stole the show.  And yet, as shocking as this may seem, the morons who run this dump weren’t going to share my datafile with you, the eager reader.  These ignorant reprobates, who probably use spell checkers to write mono-syllabic words like “an,” “the,” or “huh,” and whom have never even heard of an Oxford comma, and whom are not fit to shine my shoes with their…

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