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Multitude Of Movies

The Our Word Is Our Bond series continues with Graham Payne making his debut on the MoM website, offering his analysis of Diamonds Are Forever (1971) starring Sean Connery, Charles Gray and Jill St. John.

diamonds 5 A merciless Bond (Connery) strangles Marie (Denise Perrier) into revealing the whereabouts of Blofeld at the start of Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Diamonds Are Forever marks Sean Connery’s return to playing Bond in the “official” franchise (for a widely reported high fee, which was in part used to kick-start his Scottish International Educational Trust foundation); but you get the sense that the film is parading Bond’s final mission before retirement, similar to Roger Moore’s final outing A View To A Kill. Moore was unavailable at this time to take over the Bond role, as he was contracted to film The Persuaders TV series with Tony Curtis. The film is also one of the most…

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