AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

“Courage” (aka “Lawrence Taylor”)

In Blood of Heroes, Earth 1-AJT on December 15, 2015 at 10:13 pm




(I Love you, Dad  —  through all the fights, all the immaturity on our parts, ((each of us)) I knew you loved me & I hope you knew the same for me.)



(You deserve in Christ, your Deific Vision  &  Heavenly-Reward.)



“Lawrence Taylor”



Dexterity  =  3    Strength  =  4    Body  =  6

Intelligence  =  5    Will (power)   =  5    Mind  =  3

Influence  =  4    Aura  =  5    Spirit  =  4


Attributes’ Cost:  195  HPs  (DC Heroes  =  266  HPs)





Martial Artist  =  6

Weaponry  =  3


Skills’ Cost  =  79  HPs





Dependents  (2 children, nearly-11 &  . . . )

(Serious)  Irrational Attraction:  “Protecting his Family/Children”

(Serious)  Rage


Drawbacks’ Bonus:  100  HPs








Dexterity  =  5    Strength  =  ?    Body  =  7

Intelligence  =  5    Will (power)   =  7    Mind  =  4

Influence  =  6    Aura  =  7    Spirit  =  6


Attributes’ Cost:  296  HPs  (DC Heroes  =  404  HPs)


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