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This is an example of a WordPress page . . .   (the)  “Alfonso Jermaine Turnage,”   (‘s)  Creative Writing Journal, Open to the Public !!  I hope you enjoy . . . January 10, 2011.



January 14th, 1975  . . .  “I am the Son of Larry ‘Lawrence’ Taylor & Dianne Turnage on this glorious day.  ( I am lucky to be here according to Mom on my 1st B-Day.)  I, born at 10:27 a.m. I believe, came out with my left hand in a ‘thinker’ pose (according to the renown statue, famous).  I do not think I even cried once I was out the womb.  (My Mom apparently did a lot of crying, it was a difficult labor.)  I miss my Father, despite our childish behavior towards each other, (sometimes violent behavior on his part).  May he minister to others in the Xtian Heaven to the Other Faithful about the Glory of the Deific Vision.  Mom always says she misses you the same & probably more.  (Yes, even that is possible.)  You WERE the ‘Love of HER LIFE.’  I hope you are proud of me.”



I am currently working on revising “DC Heroes” on this web-blog.  I hope ya all enjoy . . . July 11th, 2012.



“God is Real (!!)  The Father Creator loves you all, but — A Great Danger is Coming.  Pray to Yahweh & Yeshua.  Satan has Power he never had before, because Evil Men have not listened to the Holy Xtian Word.  Choose:  Obey or Perish.  Good-Bye.”



December 11th, 2015  . . .  A little taste.  (Just Above.)  “I am working on finally-establishing this site as a great place to find my & others’ joyous creativity.  Come back to see a great DC Comics Universe Fan-Fiction story for all interested.  I hope you enjoy this site in the future & beyond.”


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