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Marvel Plot Points


The loveable blue elf known as Kurt Wagner has always been an outsider.  In his society, in his faith, even among his fellow heroes.  Yet he has always faced this with a smile and the inner-strength that comes from great moral fortitude.  For Kurt, the breakout at the Raft is just business as usual, and yet it has the potential to finally give him a place to truly belong.

Milestones For This Event:  Swashbuckler and Religious Conflict


Nightcrawler On:

Darkchild – “Little Illyana is back! But at what terrible and great cost? If only Piotr had lived to see this day he would have been so happy, but I can’t help, but wonder how he would react to seeing her…like this.”

Arach-Knight – “There have been so many Spider-Related-Heroes-And-Villains that I’m beginning to get them all messed up in my mind. This one is quite capable in a fight…

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