AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

Back-Story: “Cupid And Psyche”

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Often two people meet, supposedly a romantic encounter — but, they are just not good for each.  They are murder on each other’s hearts.  That was the case with . . . & . . ., aka “Cupid & Psyche.”



“Cupid,” actually went by the nick-name . . . before actually-reforming from the life of a hired killer.  Birth-Named by two Italian-descent Parents after . . ., he constantly-played base-ball with young friends.  A game he learned to love based on the sports passion of his beloved Dad, he actually became quite good at it.  Pitcher & second-baseman, he mastered little league through high-school and even played college base-ball — well, only fresh-man year.  Just before sophomore studies, he injured his right-hand in a car accident.  (An added insult because he actually-drove VERY well, trained to stunt-drive.)  Surgery would be needed to save his hand from being eventually-amputated, surgery he could NOT afford.



He couldn’t afford the surgery himself, anyway.  A mysterious benefactor alerted him he would pay for surgery from one of the best specialists in the world.  At first highly-elated, he caught his mind in second thought.  Hardly a sucker, he wondered aloud when he met the would-be benefactor, what was the proverbial catch.  A big catch, the experimental surgery should prove very risky, his very survival actually at stake.  In exchange for his new better-than-before right hand, he needed to offer his services.  The mysterious was a Mafia King, he wanted a guinea pig & later an enhanced (literal) hired-hand.  Always driven, especially by base-ball, he never had time for illegal activity.  It would keep him out of college.



He obviously started to say, “Hell No,” but seduced, he let his answer linger for a sliver of temptation to have a chance.  During this “sliver” he investigated, as best he could, this benefactor.  The Mafia King, actually something of a Robin Hood, took care (in a good way) as many needy people as he took care (in a worse way) his victims.  Many of them deserving punishment, rival gangsters, he took from the greedy and gave to the before-mentioned needy.  (Much of the time.)  He looked even deeper.  His own Mom proved to be one of the Mobster’s “Needy” who received help.  Okay, maybe (?!)



It only took a few months for . . . to adjust to his new ability after the surgery.  Blessed with enhanced speed & reflexes, he began to master ranged weapons, including long-range guns.  He became the Mafia Benefactor’s New Sniper.  . . . quickly-menaced his home-town so much, he scared the mess out of rival criminals & cops alike.  He murdered 11 targets within a nine-month hit-man career.  He also aided the King gain 10-million-dollars illegal profit from protection rackets & general “garden-variety” theft.  . . . now obviously the favorite son of his benefactor, he received one fateful job.  A little girl named “Prudence” . . .



First, “Psyche.”


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