AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

First Draft: Part One, “Once Upon A Time”

In About the Author, Heaven And Flame Cosmos, High-Lights, Other Blogs, Truth & Freedom on August 4, 2012 at 12:33 am

This Story, like so many others begins with “Once Upon A Time.” Once Upon A Time . . . A beautiful (Sexy, Hot) fine-haired blonde named “Eve” had been easily scorned by her curly-haired blonde husband named “Adonis.” He fell in love with a chocolate-brown skinned another. Through no fault, of her own anyway, found herself in a hellish dimension, but through grit and determination, she arose out that personal, private hell — her nails still painted red from should have been HER wedding day (!!) Of course, POWER & Demonic Beats came with her. Eventually she killed the dark-skinned another. Soon, she killed “Adonis,” as well.

Adonis, the first human to step from the heavens to step to Planet Earth, he actually possessed demi-god status. He would still be a perfect counter-part if he wasn’t . . . She, very heterosexual AND picky, looked all over her Realm for a suitable “Other.” She barely found a few, besides her Realm was shrinking every day. The “Phoenix Effect” continued to kick her ass. That damn flaming, hot-be-damned bird (!!) Elsewhere she had to look. The “Real World” divided to protect it from her Realm, but ever-growing more super-natural by the minute., she snatched many human men, young and old (silver-haired & barely-legal) . . . they found themselves in her sex dungeons. The sex actually VERY good, this “Seductress” knew how to play “certain” games. She, also being the most evil, psychotic, stone-cold bitch witch you ever experienced, their lives were truly an S & M secret Hell. (Hell, an ironic word in this context.) WWII, a horror story of epic proportions to even the most conservative adjective-givers, An Irish Immigrant, Anthony Adam Emmanuel got used to her chance for a better life in the United States of America. He, however poor, felt it more important to make sure his kids ate than him eating himself. He held a beautiful wife in her own right. Devoted and special she would be a near-perfect Mother for his children.

You can probably guess what happened next. Chosen as a counterpart prospect, he proved, after a few months of little food and little water, a Very Special Specimen in her personal, single-woman whore house. Very Unique beyond the obvious, she taught him a lot of her Unique Powers and Special Magic & Very Unique & Special Advanced Technologies & Sciences. He did as no other “Counterpart” did before him. He became her full, royal husband and co-partner in her Realm. Even more Unique he performed a deed no other “Counterpart” did. HE ESCAPED, BACK TO HIS HOME DIMENSION (!!) He could look forward to seeing his wife and children again, even if some time passed. He didn’t get what he expected. His wife, dead of old age — AND his children, well that is where this Story truly begins.


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