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Back-Story: the “Young Trinity”

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“Bat-Girl,” “Young Wonder Man” & “Kid Flash”  —  their Union’s Back-Story:



— “Bane,” formerly “Prisoner #1092,” has broken (the back of !!) “Bat-Man.” The former “Dark Knight” of Gotham City has been reduced to having to choose another to fill the position that (perhaps) only he (“Bruce Wayne”) could fill.


—  A “New Bat-Man” has been appointed. Of course, the Conqueror of the Detective rules Gotham now. There is no room for any other criminal, unless they agree to withstand “Bane’s” Reign. That meant a certain doctor has to find a new home.


— (the) “Trickster,” the quiet originator of much of “Gotham’s” Crime, reluctantly arrived in “Cross-Over City,” a few days ago — & is already causing havoc. “Who is the Trickster ?!” The first psychiatrist to deal with a mildly-insane “pre-Joker” patient, he helped create a monster, tens of times worse. He would be the psychiatrist that recommended “pre-Harley Quin” to study that Arkham-captive for the sake of studying criminal behavior. He knew, covertly, codes that could release the security surrounding the Arkham complex. (“He wouldn’t let inmates escape would he ?!”) He actually helped “Bane” for a short while hoping to be partners. The “New-Comer” to Gotham City did not feel gratitude. Now, the doctor is elsewhere having to restart his efforts to create a personal “Criminal Empire.”


— “Cross-Over City,” the large town equa-distant from the “District of Metropolis, Gotham City & Washington, DC.,” often finds minor-to-moderate Super-Villains/-esses that run from any of those Cities. (the) “Trickster” is easily the strongest/cleverest the City has ever seen, but the locale is not without its Heroes. “Supergirl” (Laura Langston), calls “Cross-Over” home. She is a past low-level associate of (Clark Kent) “Superman,” & very often appears to take-out multiple threats to her City. She also is known for making appearances as leader of the also-autonomous “Young Trinity,” “Bat-Girl (II), Young Wonder Lad & Kid Flash (II).” Unknown to they, except thru legends of the Streets, the “Trickster” has begun with “Lust-Inducing Potions” met to cause humor at a Charity Event & Practical Joke-inspired attack on an elementary school — they know now they HAVE to “TAKE-OUT” the Man secretly-known as “Gotham’s Master Mind Doctor.”


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