AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

“Young Wonder Man,” version 0.1 (Un-Revised)

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This is the “1st Young Wonder Man” from the 1st version of this Player-Character’s telling.  He is a little souped-up compare dot what-he-is-now.  It should be fun for you & is fun for me looking back.  Enjoy.


“Young Wonder Man”

Total Cost  =  970  HPs

“You are not strong enough,” replied God the Father, “Yahweh.”

“Young Wonder Man”

Dex. 7    Str.  10    Body  6

Int.  10    Will (power)    6    Mind  5

Infl.  6    Aura  6    Spirit  8

Initiative  23        Attribute Cost:  498  HPs

Wealth:  6  APs    (12  HPs)

Super-Power Cost:  263  HPs

Gliding  8    (25  HPs)

Air Walking  6    (17  HPs)

Running  5    (8  HPs)

Jumping  4    (11 HPs)

Swimming  4    (11 HPs)

Force Field  5    (80  HPs)

—  May Use Strength  &  Weapons  thru Field

—  Self-Only

Damage Transference 5    (43  HPs)

—  All  “RV”  may be Effected

Neutralize  9    (68  HPs)

—  Only Mystical/Deceptive-related Abilities

Skill Cost:  272  HPs

Acrobatics  5

Animal Handling  5

Charisma  8

—  Persuasion

Vehicles  6

Weaponry  8

Martial Artist  5

Advantages Cost:

Confidant  (Oldest Surviving Aunt)      (?  HPs)

Drawbacks Bonus:  75  HPs

(MIA)  (“Wonder Woman”)     (5  HPs)

Secret ID    (10  HPs)

Alter-Ego  (Controllable)      (25  HPs)

Power Loss  (Rare)      (35  HPs)

—  Str.  =  4

—  Body  =  4

—  Gliding  =  0

—  Force Field  =  0

—  Neutralize  =  0

—  Damage Transference  =  2

—  Jumping  =  0

—    . . .  whenever he is NOT wearing his “Belt/Girdle”



P.S.  My friend “Darci” helped me revise this world in the second place.  I hope it is a better story.


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