AJT: Alfonso Jermaine

1st Edition, DC Heroes: A “Tele-Empath”

In 1st Edition, 1st Volume: Heroes, DC Heroes, DC Universe RPGs, Earth 1, Introduction to DC Heroes on January 10, 2011 at 2:13 am




Cost:  263  HPs  (“Character Creation”)

Possible Side-Kick/NPC


Dex.  2    Str.  2    Body  =  3

Int.  4    Will (power)   =  2      Mind  3

Infl.  =  2    Aura  3     Spirit  2

Initiative  =  8        HPs:  xx


Attributes’ Cost  =  122  HPs




—  Danger Sense  =  6

—  Empathy  =  8

—  Telepathy  =  3


Super-Powers’ Cost  =   144  HPs




—  Acrobatics  =  3

—  Scholar  =  3

—  Weaponry  =  4


Skills’ Cost  =  32  HPs




—  (MIF)  “Heights”

—  Power Limitation:  “Empathy only works at a reduced Maximum Range”


Limitations’ Bonus:  25  HPs




Race:  Human

Wealth:  Comfortable

Connection:  A Newspaper  (Low)

Connection #2:  City Police  (Low)


Back-Grounds’ Bonus:  10  HPs


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