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Time-Line: “Earth One-AJT I”

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“Earth One-AJT.” Most Secular Scientists agree, the Big Bang exploded into Existence as the beginning of our Universe (time, matter, energy & space). Our Universe, 13.8 billion years old (approx.), in reality Came from “God the Father Creator.” Yes, the Universe is roughly 13.8 billion years old, but the “Father Creator” is Eternal. He always was & always will be, ever/every-present in the current. From the correctly-deduced “Big Bang” came a “God-Wave,” many Mystics/Super-Scientists equate this “Wave” of inter-dimensional energy/forces with the creation of “lesser” gods throughout the Milky Way Galaxy — and beyond. Other beings, as well, came from this “Wave.”



“Wisdom,” “War” & “Beauty,” three of the Pagan “Lesser” Deities created by the “God-Wave”  . . .



—  1962, “Superboy” (Clark Kent) debuts

—  1966, “Superboy” retires

—  1974, “Courage” debuts

—  1976, “Wonder Lass’ debuts

—  1977, the “Black Trinity” debuts

—  1980, the “Black Trinity” disbands

—  1981, “Honesty” debuts

—  1982, “Faith” joins forces

—  1984, “Faith” disbands in disgrace with two members dead/incapacitated

—  1985, “Superman” debuts

—  1987, “Bat-Man” debuts

—  1988, “Robin” debuts

—  1989, “Wonder Woman” debuts

—  (late) 1990, “JL” debuts

—  (mid-to-late) 1991, the “Teen Titans” debut

—  —  “Laura Langston” Supergirl debuts

—  —  “Vanity” Bat-Girl debuts

—  (late) 1991, “JL” becomes “JLA: Alpha & Beta” teams

— — Superman (Leader)
— — Bat-Man (Deputy Leader)

— — Alpha Team:

— Martian Man-Hunter (Field Cmdr.)
— (Barry Allen) Flash
— Vixen
— (John Stewart) Green Lantern

— — Beta Team:

— Aqua-Man (Field Cmdr.)
— (the pre-teen) Blue Beetle
— Red Tornedo
— (Guy Gardner) Green Lantern

— — Emergency/Reserve Members:

— Green Flame
— Ice Maiden
— Booster Gold
— Huntress
— Plastic Man

—  —  “Young Wonder Man” debuts

—  —  (mid-to-late) 1992, the “New Teen Titans” debut

—  (late) 1992, “Dooms-Day” arrives

— —  Dooms-Day was met by Flash, the Beta Team of the JLA & the Emergency/Reserve Members

— —  Most were horribly-defeated, a few were slaughtered/de-powered

— —  Flash survived to meet the Alpha Team & try to recover

— —  The four & Supergirl tried to stop it, but to no avail (Supergirl was almost killed)

— —  Superman finally arrived & fought it to a stand-still, finally defeating it at the cost of his life

—  (early) 1993, Bruce Wayne “Bat-Man” is paralyzed by “Bane”

—  (mid) 1993, the “Crazy Bat-Man” takes over as “Gotham’s Knight”


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